Top 10 Best Tools to Convert Videos to Mp4 Format

The hierarchy of traditional video formats is long gone. The current tech-savvy generation has a vast number of requirements. Electronic devices have evolved over the last decade. The internal storage of such electronic devices has been expanded to a substantial extent. With electronic devices, even software has progressed further over the years.

A great deal of research and development has gone into the betterment of software. For instance, video formats have now got substitutes that provide a bang on the bang. The mp4 format now has a fine reticulated number of users all over the world. A video converter to mp4 is still not available in most of the devices. It can be handy to install a video converter to mp4 in this day and age.

Walking along the path of the trend can be beneficial. Every trend is easily replaceable. It is crucial to move along with time. One such trend that has awed us all is the mp4 trend. It is the latest trend that has brought us all some worthy upgrades that were missing. It is safe to say that it sells like hot pancakes.

This trend has benefitted us all one way or the other. Video sharing on social media has become easier for the technology-driven generation. Storing hour-long videos is no longer a headache. A valuable upgrade over the traditional video file formats, the mp4 file format is a big step-up.

What is the mp4 format?

The mp4 file format is a digital multimedia compressed file format. The file extension of such a format is ‘.mp4’. It is a universally acclaimed file format that is supported by all the platforms. The main objective of this file format is to store audio and video. Additionally, it can also contain other data items like subtitles and images.

Another great point to add is that it allows streaming on the internet. Additionally, it can store large bits of data on a low bandwidth without any technical difficulties.

The video quality is enhanced preserving the audio quality at the same time in such a format. The files stored in the mp4 format are compressed leaving behind tons of storage space.

These points put this file format on the top of the league. It is the most versatile video file format that has brought big changes in the sector of storage of media files. As mentioned earlier, the sharing of media files on social media has also become easier due to this. The additional data provision for subtitles can prove to be useful while watching movies or shows.

Most of the users find it difficult to convert video files to mp4 files. A majority of electronic devices do not contain an in-built file format converter in them.

Without any external help, this conversion can be traumatic. This fact baffles many users. So, here is a list of the top 10 best tools to convert videos to mp4 format. The conversion attained using these tools is impeccable.

Top 10 Best Tools to Convert Videos to Mp4 Format
Top 10 Best Tools to Convert Videos to Mp4 Format

The top 10 best tools to convert videos to mp4 format are:

1) Freemake Video Converter: The Freemake video converter is an online video converter. It can convert between 500+ formats for free of cost. It can convert to mp4, mp3, AVI, WMV, DVD file formats, and much more. . Downloading and altering videos from Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo, and YouTube can also be done using this software.

It is used and loved by over 103 million people. It has been recognized as the #1 video converter for over 10 years now. It can also convert multiple videos at once. The codecs supported by this video converter are H264, MKV, MPEG4, and AAC. It has a simple user-interface that is cluster-free.

2) Movavi Video Converter: A household name in the field of video conversion, Movavi has proved its mettle over the years. It is a lightning-fast video converter that extends its support for both Windows and macOS. It can convert a truckload of video formats to mp4.

Apart from this, batch conversion is also possible using this software. It contains an option to adjust the bit rate whilst maintaining the video quality. The user-interface is simple and straightforward making it fun to use.

3) DivX Video Converter: One of the most famous videos converting software, DivX has set a benchmark in the virtual market. It contains options using which the user can adjust the bit rate, select the resolution, and change the aspect ratio.

The cherry on the top is that it also contains editing tools and special video effects. Files can be imported from Google Drive and Dropbox. The conversion from a video format to an mp4 file format is smooth. The user-interface is clean. It also has a premium version with more features.

4) Miro Video Converter: The Miro video converter is an open-source video converting software that offers support for both Windows and macOS platforms. Various types of video formats can be converted to mp4 with the snap of a finger.

Apart from this, batch conversion is also possible using this software. The user-interface is smooth. The quality is not affected due to the conversion which is an important parameter. The Miro video converter is a worthy competitor in its field.

5) ZamZar: ZamZar is an online video converting software. It does not require any software to be downloaded on the system. All the user has to do is import the file and pick a format to convert. The conversion is done in under 10 minutes which is extraordinary.

More than 1200+ file formats are supported. There is an extensive customer support that fixes any prevailing issues once a complaint is lodged. It has been in the market for a while now helping millions of users with video conversion.

6) Prism Video Converter: The main highlight of this video converter is the swift conversion to 40+ file formats within minutes. It can also compress converted files making storage of files easier. It supports all the popular formats making it a universal video converter.

Another great feature of this converter is the batch video conversion. It can also add special effects to the video and also acts as an editing tool. It has options to crop, rotate, and trim the video. This saves a lot of time and effort. Apart from this, it also has a premium version with more features.

7) Convertio: With a 4.1-star rating, Convertio is one of the best video converters in the market today. It is completely online making the process of video conversion easier. The algorithm quality is high maintaining the video quality during the conversion.

It extends its support for most of the operating systems including macOS, Linux, and Windows. It is also possible to convert videos on iOS and Android using this software. It has over 3256 different video conversions with a bunch of customizable settings.

8) Any Video Converter: AVS is one of the best choices for video conversion. It supports all the major file formats and converts them 30X faster than the traditional video converters. It also has an application version that can be downloaded within minutes.

Another great feature of this software is that it can download videos from YouTube and Netflix. It can also download music offline from Spotify and Amazon music. The user-interface is clean. Overall, it is a delight to use.

9) Media Converter: A video converter that is practically loaded with features. It supports all the major operating systems including macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is easy to use. It can convert all the major video file formats to mp4 within minutes.

It is well organized getting the job done. Apart from this, it also contains an option to adjust the bit rate. During the conversion, it maintains the video quality which is crucial. It has a great user-interface making it one of the best video converters.

10) Handbrake: One of the most popular video converting software, Handbrake is available for both Windows and macOS. The cross-platform program is also compatible with Linux. It is open-source software that works efficiently.

It can accept various inputs but can only convert them to MP4, MKV, and M4V formats. It has a simple yet attractive user-interface. It is used and appreciated by millions worldwide.


The virtual market is a vast place stretching its boundaries to the horizon. It is best to make use of it on time. The mp4 format has brought plenty of important changes to the table. It is practically a game-changing file format.

The above-mentioned converters work like a charm providing instant results. These converters are highly recommended as they get the job done in a quick and easy manner. They are also secure to use. With various choices, the user has to choose the software that fits all the gaps and works efficiently.

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