How To Combine Rar Files into one

RAR (.rar) is a most commonly used file archive format these days. If you want to transfer files on internet without letting any bot’s see them or without letting any viruses infect them, you can compress your files into .rar format. But, what if you have 2 .rar files and you want to combine them ? How to combine rar files ? Well! this is what we are going to discuss in this article. Here we will teach you “How to combine rar files into one” no matter you have 2 or more then 2 rar files.

How To Combine Rar Files into one ?

To combine two or more then two rar files you can follow our step by step instructions below. If you are getting any difficulty with our instruction’s you can get some help with the images shown below.

  1. Install winrar. To extract and combine rar files you need a compatible tool for .rar files. In this article we are going to do this task with winrar, you can download winrar from this link.
  2. Select all your .rar files that you want to merge. Once you have installed winrar, press ctrl button on your keyboard and select all the .rar files that you want to merge.
  3. Extract all files into one folder. After selecting all files right click on them and click “Extract to filename/” button. Select the path to any empty folder or create a new folder in winrar where you will extract all your files.
    Extract all files
  4. Combine rar files into one. Once you have extracted all your .rar files into one folder, open that folder, select all the files by pressing “Ctrl+A” the same time, Right click and then click “Add to archive”.
    add to archive
  5. Select file format. under archive format, select .rar toggle and hit ok button.
    How to combine rar files

That’s all about How to combine rar files. If you are still getting any difficulty combining rar files, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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