How To Fix Bitwarden Error Cannot Decrypt ? [Updated 2023]

In the world of tech, there are so many upgrades and errors, like Error Code: E4301 for that matter. But, on the other hand, it amazes us with solutions too. And so when I was figuring out the systematic way of blocking ads on Hulu, I came across a very interesting kind of browser fact!

A browser that works with any browser! Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? But it exists! Bitwarden is a browser that works with any web browser. You can now protect your privacy and increase your online productivity from anywhere in the world. thanks to the freedom it provides you to generate and manage complex passwords.

In fact,  it is so good to know that there is no way for someone to hack into my Bitwarden account. Data is encrypted and hashed before leaving your local device, making it impossible for anyone, including bitwarden’s personnel and hackers, to access it.

Everything we tested it on, including Firefox and Android, ran smoothly. The company released a new version of Bitwarden, 1.26.0. Two points were raised by those who use the Bitwarden Chrome extension.

  • Users have reported that after installing and restarting the update, Bitwarden chrome Extension not working. When attempting to access the stored information like passwords, Bitwarden Extension displays an error message.
  • Many users of Bitwarden Extension have reported that the latest version runs smoothly on laptops, just like on all other devices.

However, this Bitwarden error has been reported by a small number of users across a range of hardware and software. It is necessary to point out that issues with well-known services, such as bitwarden error, Hulu, and error code E4301, affect users.

Reasons Behind The Bitwarden Error That Cannot Decrypt

Bitwarden Error Cannot Decrypt 

  • Outdated Bitwarden app or browser extension: If it is outdated, you may get the decrypt error on a Bitwarden browser extension or app. This is because the extension or app may no longer work with the other modules (browser, operating system, etc.) that it needs to work with, which is why you get the error.
  • Bitwarden Extension’s Auto-Fill Feature: The Bitwarden extension’s Auto-Fill feature is experimental, and as such, it may not operate correctly in various situations, which could result in errors.
  • Vault Timeout Feature Doesn’t Work: The “cannot decrypt” error could happen if the Bitwarden extension’s Vault Timeout feature is and locks the vault when it needs to be unlocked.

Having problems after installing the Bitwarden app or browser plugin: Any time the Bitwarden installation becomes corrupt, and the extension or app cannot load or access modules necessary to its operation, the bitwarden error cannot decrypt will be displayed.

How To Fix “Error: Cannot Decrypt” In Bitwarden?

Bitwarden Error Cannot Decrypt 

Many new users are worried about this problem and the safety of their personal information stored on the app, so they are trying to fix it on their own.

As a result of many people sharing their solutions online, we have discovered many solutions. If you have this problem and want to fix it, you can try one of the options below.

The Bitwarden Browser Extension needs to be updated to the newest version.

  • To install the extension, open Chrome, go to the Chrome menu, and click the Extension icon.
  • To activate Developer Mode, go to Manage Extensions and switch it on.
  • Click Update, and then see if the decrypt error has vanished after Bitwarden has been updated.

Install the newest build of the Bitwarden desktop application.

  • To view the help documentation for Bitwarden Desktop, launch the program and click the Help button.
  • Now, from the displayed menu, select Check for Updates; if new versions of the Bitwarden app are available, they can be downloaded and installed at this time.
  • Launch a browser where the Bitwarden extension displays the decrypt error and see if the issue has been resolved after updating the Bitwarden desktop app.

The Bitwarden Vault must be synchronized manually.

  • It is time to open the Bitwarden settings in your browser where you have installed the extension and resolve the bitwarden sync failed issue.
  • Start the syncing process by selecting the ‘Sync Vault Now’ option in Sync.
  • Double-check that the Bitwarden no longer displays a “cannot decrypt” message when you’re finished.

Ensure the Add-on’s Vault Timeout is set to “Never” in your browser settings.

  • It is recommended to use the Bitwarden extension in the Chrome web browser.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu and look for the Vault Timeout option.
  • Afterward, select “Never” for the Vault Timeout in the Safety menu.
  • Now that you know the Vault Timeout is set to Never, you can test to see if Bitwarden is behaving normally and not throwing the error can’t decrypt.

Disable and turn on the Bitwarden browser extension

  • Chrome’s Extensions menu can be accessed by clicking its icon in the browser’s toolbar.
  • The Bitwarden add-on can now be accessed by clicking Manage Extensions.
  • To turn off Bitwarden, toggle its status switch and then restart Chrome.
  • After restarting Chrome, head to the Extensions menu and enable the Bitwarden extension to use it.
  • Next, click the Unlock button after entering your master password.
  • After that, see if you still get the “Cannot decrypt” error when opening an encrypted file using the Bitwarden add-on.

Bitwarden Browser Extension Logout/Login

  • Get started with your preferred web browser, and then activate the Bitwarden add-on.
  • Launch the app’s settings and go to the Account menu.
  • To log out of the Bitwarden add-on, select Logout and then confirm.
  • As soon as you’ve finished, close your browser and open the Bitwarden website.
  • To enter the Bitwarden website, go ahead and click the login button and enter your username and password.
  • The next step is to launch the Bitwarden add-on and hit the Login button.
  • Sign in with your credentials to see if Bitwarden can decrypt files again.

Re-install the Bitwarden Browser Add-on

  • First, close both the Chrome browser and the Bitwarden extension.
  • Then, open Chrome and go to More Tools > Extensions.
  • Launch Manage Extensions and look for the Bitwarden add-on.
  • Then, select Remove next to the Bitwarden extension and confirm to remove it.
  • Once you’re finished, exit Chrome and restart the computer.
  • Once Chrome has finished restarting, open it and download the Bitwarden add-on from the Chrome web store.
  • Start the add-on and log in with your Bitwarden credentials to see if the “cannot decrypt” problem has been fixed.


Q1. Why can’t I log into Bitwarden?

Ans. Typing an incorrect punctuation mark. Typing an incorrect character (such as 0 for O) when using international characters and an international keyboard. Login with the correct password but an incorrect email address.

Q2. Does Bitwarden work on PC?

Ans. Bitwarden is a widely used password manager that can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. This easy-to-use open-source tool stores your passwords in a safe, encrypted place. Only when Bitwarden won’t start is there a problem.

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