Here are best cmd commands used for hacking


Here are best cmd commands used for hacking

Cmd which is also known as command prompt is a very powerful tool, you can use this tool to do almost all the Gui (Graphic user interface) work of Windows computer in cli (Command line interface.) interface. Last week someone in our website asked us that what are the Best CMD Commands Used for Hacking by Ethical Hacker’s and Security researchers.

However there hundreds of Cmd commands that can be used for hacking purposes, but in this article we will be listing top 10 cmd commands for you.

Before letting you know about these cmd commands i want you to promiss me that you will not use this information in any illegal way, all the information provided in our blog is only for educational purpose only.

Top and Best CMD Commands Used for Hacking

Below i have listed the top 10 cmd commands used by hackers. I am going to share all the commands and their uses below one by one.

1) tracert

The tracert command it used to get the info about your root path. In simple word’s if you send a request to a website such as google, your packet goes thrugh different router’s and server’s. tracert command will show you all the info and ip addresses of those servers and routers.

2) arp

The arp command is used to find arp pointing and modifieng the arp cache in most of the cases. You just need to type arp -a on the command prompt.

3) ping

Ping is mostly used command in the field of hacking as well as it administration. Ping command helps you to check the network connectivity and find the time taken by a packet to reach it’s address.

You just need to type ping and the website name or ip address of your target location to get the info them.

4) ipconfig

Ipconfig is also used widely by most of the hackers and id administrator’s to check the system ip address, gateway and other network information’s such as DNS info. You can just type cmd Ipconfig or ipconfig /all to check our the ip address of your current computer or your network computer.

5) nslookup

Nslookup is the 5th mostly used command in our list of best cmd commands used for hacking. Nslookup is used to get the name server ip address of a domain and mapping of it’s DNS records. Just type Nslookup with the domain name in your cmd, and it wil show you all the IP info you want to know about it.


6) Net User

Net user command is used to modify and forgot the user password of your computer. for example if you are in a system logged in with normal user and you want the administrative access of that computer, you can use the net user command. You can also add new user with this command.

7) Net Use

Net use command is used to configure and connect the shared resources like network drive, network printer and much more. There is not just one type of use for net use command, you can go thrugh google about how to use net use command for more info.

8) route

This command is used to get the info about a packet and it’s destination. Route command will show you the interface, routing table, metric as well as gateway of a packet. Just type route print command in your cmd.


9) netstat

This command is used to find that who is connected with your computer, what protocol he is using to connect with you and some more info about him. You can see all the active connections with this command. just type netstat or netstat -a into cmd and see.

10) Net View

This command is used to list out the entire list of domain’s computer as well as resources that are being shared by a specific computer over the network. Just type the net view and ip address of your computer into cmd.

That’s it. Thanks for reading our article about best cmd commands used for hacking. if you have any query or suggestion about article, feel fee to ask me in the comment section below


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