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Full Body Home Workout routine and plans

Abs are the muscle group which there is no need to hit gym, one can get it by working out at home as there is no compound exercises like rods dumbles etc. It all depends on the hardwork done by a men at Gym or at home.

Best abs workout routine at home

As there are particular rep. ranges for other exercises to gain muscles or put cutting on them, but it is not implement on abs routine, and even no heavy weights. Abs and legs are parts which makes you in difficult circumstances even with your own body weight and gain is all about pain as you have read this point in every quote and its true. So for abs you don’t need to hit the gym but the fact about abs is:-

It takes a lot of time as compared to other groups so it needs to be trained 2-3 times in a week.

Best abs workout routine at home,ab workouts for women,effective lower abs workout at home,killer abs workout at home,how to get abs workout at homeBest abs workout routine at home,ab workouts for women,effective lower abs workout at home,killer abs workout at home,how to get abs workout at home
Best abs workout routine at home

The other main point is your current figure:-

If a person is fat or is obessed people gave him advice to do crunches and all to minimize the fat count but its not true, as if you are in this stage first you needs to hit your sides first and they are the only reason which can make your belly fat and the shit tummy coming out of your t shirt or shirt so :-

Here are my plans and its for all a fit guy or a guy with tummy out:-

Abs is not about just abs I will recommend to hit legs with abs and even before abs as while hitting legs abs also gets pressurized and the lower part of your stomach also gets attention and it gives an over all shape to your abs So:-

Starting from effective lower abs workout at home

  • 1. 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 2. Stretch your legs and then do Windmill
  • 3. Squats….As there is no weight on your body do as much as you can until you feel failure atleast you be doing 50 reps
  • 4. 20 Forward Lunges….. when your both legs have done its equal to 1 rep.

You can’t jump to next exercise unless you do  3 sets of above and all below  each exercise.

After Leg workout Target abs.

As I said start with side laterals. You can even do it free without any weights just stretch as much as you can and then contract going down on the other side. After this the best thing which makes your abs fully developed and which gives you a complete shape is your sides and the best exercise which put muscles there is side legs. Do 50 reps minimum on each side and then go on increasing it will let you rid of your belly fat and also give you a V shape. After these exercises then go for abs.

  • 100 jumping Standing side crunches( 50 each side )
  •  2 min Plank
  •  Raising your legs up 6 inch and then hold 1 min minimum
  •  50 Abdominal crunches

And do as many reps as you can, always increase the strength of reps the more rep ranges you’ll do the more quick you will grow.

And this is the simple things to get six pack abs. but even people don’t gets those biscuits because abs requires a 50% more better diet and different diet then others.

You have to cut of bad carbs from your diet as the reason people can feel that abs but their abs never gets visible because of that skin layer and that’s all the bad carbs you’ve consumed and are still on them so you have to totally cut of those junky oily foods. And then go for a high protein diet It will bless you with a beautiful and attractive body that complete as without abs the body always looks incomplete even if you have a very good and big muscles on your chest back and other parts. But abs the muscles which completes you. So Hit them today. (avoid water consumption during abs workout)

By this you can get Six pack at home. These are the Best abs workout routine at home, I do and have recommended others and results are much quick.

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