11 Essential Steps for Video Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways of driving traffic to a website and engaging the targeted audience. Looking around at the concept of blogging, video content is on the rise, and it is one of the newest marketing trends. 

The importance of video blogging

To this new age, online videos are available to a vast mass of people in different ways. Almost every person in the 21st century is attached to videos by any means. Accessing these videos online is no big deal, thanks to tablets and mobile devices. Videos make a better connection when it comes to marketing and related strategies. From the viewer’s perspective, it is always good to understand something when illustrated through video. Now, there are crucial steps that need to be maintained for successful video blogging. These are:


Audio comes first when it comes to successful video blogging. People must be able to hear the information passed through the videos. Therefore, having a professional-grade microphone can ensure that you are not wasting your day while vlogging. Even if anyhow the video is recorded poorly, the audio can be used as a podcast. The audio can also be used as a voiceover for a presentation or anything that is not live. Usually, camcorders come with a built-in microphone, but disabling it and using a specialized audio system can mean a lot. 

Invest in proper equipment

If you are taking video blogging seriously consider, investing in the right equipment. The production quality has special importance when it comes to video blogging. No matter how much you edit the video, the video recorded through a smartphone can never be concealed. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a high-quality camera for video blogging. Also, looking at the editing part, every video needs a touchup, and thus, your computer must be equipped to handle such rendering quality.

Lighting is important

Videos can look unprofessional due to improper lighting. It is unacceptable for video blogging, primarily if the issue arises due to insufficient lighting. You can learn from the Internet about the basic lighting setup before starting your blogging on a professional note. Carrying all the equipment for lighting is always not possible when you are filming on the move. But it is certainly possible when the shoot is inside an enclosed space. The basic concept of lighting includes filling light, key light, and backlight.

Invest in good software

There are lots of free softwares available on the Internet that promises to make your videos look astonishingly beautiful and successful. The fact is, very few can meet satisfaction. Specialized video editing software like Outro Maker and other platforms like Videocreek are exclusively developed for video blogging. Some may prefer outsourcing the videos to a third-party editor, but it is merely a great investment choice. Having your video editing software is always convenient as you can use the platform whenever in need and precisely in the way you want the videos to appear. 

Using captions in the videos

Using subtitles and captions in the videos is a good idea to make it understandable for the viewers. Some viewers may watch videos without audio when they are on the move or at work. Also, the language barrier can be a problem, especially if you have a global audience. In such cases, if your videos have subtitles and captions, the content of your message will become crystal clear to the viewers. There are various tools available for transcription and translation.


Video blogging is not about recording a video and publishing it on various sites on the Internet. This could be a significant mistake. Certain things need to be added along with the videos to make it look picture perfect. The production name, publisher information, purpose of the video, etc. make the video look professional. Whether you are an independent creator or marketer, post-production choices may vary depending on the type and quality of the video.

Screen capture

Sometimes video blogging can be done even without a camera, at least for some posts. If you would like to show some things from your post-production, it is smart to use software to screen capture. There are different types of software available on the Internet. Paid versions are the best, and it is worth investing in as viewers will tend to engage more with your channels. Choose the best software based on the OS you are using.

Be decent with editing

It is not always required to edit your videos (to a great extent) to showcase your content. Sometimes it’s good to post raw videos or unedited parts. It makes the trust factor stronger, and your audience can rely on your video blogs. You need to understand where editing is required and where not. Sometimes going off the track makes the content interesting and engaging. It can be risky, and thus, it is recommended practice only after you have a fair amount of subscribers and viewers. 

Add value to your videos

Not all, but the core part of your audience will look to return on each video. This is possible if you provide consistent value to the viewers. Focus on the analytics to understand the videos that gained full views and comments. Also, focus on the style of that particular video to discern the trends of your audience. Try covering an array of topics and stay relevant as much as possible. It’s smart to stay away from topics that have already been shown in the previous videos. There’s no need to keep watching the same thing- at least from the viewer’s perspective. 

Find sponsors Last but not least, it is essential to find sponsors for your video blogging. To cover up all the investment of equipment, traveling, and other related expenses, it is crucial to partner with a relevant sponsor. Reach out to businesses that are related to yours to back up your finance initially.

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