Which WiFi Baby Monitor is best?

Which WiFi Baby Monitor is best?

So, you have a baby at home, you are always busy and not around the baby’s room all the time. Maybe you have a baby sitter or nanny looking after your baby, but your guts don’t trust them completely. Alternatively, it could be that you just want to watch over your baby without necessarily being in the room. What would be the best option here? You guessed that right. A baby monitor is a way to go in these two scenarios.

WiFi baby monitors are very helpful to parents, and you should consider getting one. But which is the best baby monitor out there? Honestly, there is no specific baby monitor that is considered the ‘best’ on the market. Rather, it depends on what you need. It can be the best monitor to you if it is lowly-priced and you are looking for an affordable unit. That being said, here are the things to look for in a good baby monitor:

  1. Durability

Anyone that is looking for a good WiFi baby monitor must consider its durability. The durability of that baby monitor will determine if you will have wasted your money or made a worthwhile investment. The baby must have been built to last for a long time. It should not feel cheap when you hold it. Well, all baby monitors are made of plastic. You cannot find one made of steel or any heavy metal.

Nonetheless, some will naturally feel cheap and too light. In many cases, those monitors may fail to last for years to come. That is why you should go for a durable unit. Check out what people are saying about the monitor and if it lasts for long enough.

  • Number of cameras/Intent of Use

The number of cameras of a baby monitor will determine how you intend to use it. A baby monitor that has more than two monitors can be used to monitor the whole house. Some parents are concerned about the safety of their babies and also the security of the house. In this case, ensure that the baby monitors have extra cameras if you want one to monitor the entire house. Here, you can hook up one camera in the baby’s room, another in the living room, entry door, kitchen, and anywhere else.

  • Ease of Use

Well, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but it truly is a major factor to consider. A baby monitor that is too complicated will not give you an easy time. Since WiFi baby monitors can be accessed from anywhere, you shouldn’t have a difficult time accessing it. The features should be basic enough and the whole operation of the monitor should be friendly too.

Also, a baby monitor that is easy to use is ideal to the parents that are not tech savvy. The thing is that most people out there don’t have a deep technical knowledge of these devices. That is why it is ideal to have one that is easy to use.

  • Audio/Video Quality

Wouldn’t it be satisfying to have a baby monitor that displays HD videos and pictures? One reason for having such is that you will have the ability to zoom in and still view high-quality videos. An HD-quality camera lets you follow the live feeds and even the recorded feeds without straining.

Also, it should have good audio quality. It should not sound noisy when streaming the audio. You should be able to hear the baby clearly or get the exact words that someone else is saying on the other side of the monitor.

Always go for a Wifi Baby Monitor that has good video and audio streaming quality.

  • Wealth of Features  

Even though people out there want a baby monitor that is not too complicated to use, they also want one that has plenty of features. It is not all about having a baby monitor that can stream the feeds of what is going on in the baby’s room.

First off, the camera should be able to zoom in and out, pan, and tilt as you wish. This way, you will have a better chance of viewing the baby up close or from afar. Plus, it helps you to inspect the entire house with ease, especially if you have a single camera in the room. In this case, you will need to have the perfect placement of the camera so you can get the perfect view of the baby’s room.

Some top-rated baby monitors will also come with extra features like temperature and humidity sensors. Other monitors will also have a night-vision feature to let you view your baby in the dark. You can also have a baby monitor that beeps or flashes an LED light on the parent unit when the baby is awake. The more feature a baby monitor has, the most likely it is to serve you better.  

  • Cost

So, you want a WiFi baby monitor that has a wide range of features, right? But, are you willing to pay for its high price? Well, you should be prepared to meet a higher price on the baby monitor with more features compared to one that has limited features. Either way, consider going for a baby monitor that is within your budget. Most baby monitors will range from $50 to $200. Nonetheless, the most advanced with a ray of features will easily beat the $200 mark. The baby monitors that cost less than $100 may not be the best option if you want a reliable and durable unit.

  • Warranty

When purchasing a WiFi baby monitor, ensure that you pick one with a warranty. The warranty assures you of durability and it gives you a back-up in case the unit had some manufacturer’s errors. The battery life of the monitor should be long enough, and it should be as discreet as it can. Some come in a unique shape/design so that it doesn’t look like a camera. Either way, make sure you find a good baby monitor that will help you accordingly. Here are some helpful safety tips to keep your baby monitor safe from hackers. Never log in to your home’s WiFi on a public WiFi.

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