What do mean by PII (Personally Identifiable Information)?

While using Microsoft Outlook the users sometimes face some issues which are popularly known as PII error codes. Many factors are responsible for these types of errors.

Sometimes incorrect parameters with authentications, port numbers, and insecure connections. However, the PII error issue of outlook can be solved with some easy methods.

If you are also facing any such type of issues and problems at your MS Outlook then it is important to know all the relevant information which is connected with PII errors. Let’s have a look at the answers to some major questions related to the PII Errors.                

What Exactly is PII (Personally Identifiable Information)?    

PII stands for personally identifiable information and this is a type of information that is maintained by the agency that uses it to trace the individual identity which includes, date of birth, birthplace, Social security number, name, biometric records, mother’s maiden name, etc. Along with these PII also has a record which includes the information which is linked to an individual such as educational, employment, medical, finance, etc.

What Are Microsoft Outlook Pii Errors?

Microsoft Outlook PII error is a type of issue which disturbs the MS Outlook applications while someone is working on it. It pop-up on the outlook Dashboard with some numbers written as Failed to attach to the server.Socket Error 10051 Error Number:

[pii_email_037d07812f905a3927ae]. There are many reasons which are responsible for these insecure connections. However, there are three main reasons which had been described by the technical experts. Three of them are:

1. Error while setting up the MS outlook software.

2.Corrupt software program.

3.SMTP server conflict

Reasons for PII Errors in MS Outlook?

How to Fix Pii Errors in Outlook? 

Fixing up the problem of PII errors is very easy. There are several tips and tricks which are proved effective in fixing up the problem of the MS applications. Here are some of the ways which have been listed for you so that you don’t get panic and solve your MS Outlook problem easily. Check out:

Work with the single account: This has been proved that multiple accounts in Microsoft Outlook always create the types of PII error problem. So, try to work with a single outlook account. Logout from all the accounts and delete all the data related to several accounts, Do a fresh start at MS Outlook application by signing up with a single account. This method works for all types of PII errors.

Reinstallation: When your software is outdated or it is installed with a corrupt or pirated website then such an error type of issue occurs. As soon as you look at such an issue, uninstall your MS outlook software and reinstall it again. This method will surely make to come out from such error issues.

Port number of server: Changing the Port Number of the server also helps in solving such problems. The users with a lack of technical knowledge do not know how to change it. Here are some simple steps which will let you know the way of changing the port number. Check out:

  • First, open Microsoft outlook.
  • Then go to Account settings.
  • Click on the settings and go to the Internet Email Settings button.
  • Select the Advanced Tab.
  • Change the Port number and click Ok.

Microsoft PII Errors

Here we have listed some basic PII Errors which will make you know that how many errors can attack the Microsoft outlook software. Here are some of them:




































































































[pii_email_e6685ca0de00abf1e4d5] legit

[pii_email_e6685ca0de00abf1e4d5] legit












blackberry passport [pii_passport_a992764331125c0c]

blackberry passport [pii_passport_a992764331125c0c]

british passport [pii_passport_a992764331125c0c]

g59$h5&own5gb$[pii_email_a0fb73138fa75bac] gytfdrecv

jcc outlook

new british passport [pii_passport_a992764331125c0c]

new british passport [pii_passport_eeb97d1d8232b8b1]

passport fees [pii_passport_a68d0898d335cbb9]

passport fees [pii_passport_a68d0898d335cbb9]

passport prices [pii_passport_eeb97d1d8232b8b1]

passport prices [pii_passport_eeb97d1d8232b8b1]

uk passport [pii_passport_a992764331125c0c]

uk passport [pii_passport_eeb97d1d8232b8b1]

uk passport [pii_passport_eeb97d1d8232b8b1]




pubg mobile [pii_email_4c599dd17aabe5c9238d]









These are some errors that can occur at your MS outlook at any time. But don’t worry, as this can be fixed with some of the very easy processes and you will get rid of such problems easily. 


The content is created for the MS users who are getting trouble using the MS applications. Arising problems are very common but to get an effective solution is important. We have described many methods to fix the error issue, but if you didn’t get the solution then kindly contact the MS Outlook customer care operator to get the proper solution.

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