What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Implementing the Local SEO Practices?


    Most business owners are familiar with SEO strategies that involve optimizing content to increase their website’s visibility in the search engines. However, not many business owners know what a good local SEO strategy can bring to their businesses.

    For instance, based on recent statistics, search queries like “near me” or “close by” increased by 900% during the last two years.

    Do not underestimate the power of local SEO!

    If you are still not convinced whether you should focus your marketing efforts on building a powerful local SEO strategy, here are a few benefits this strategy will bring to your business.

    But first, let’s explain what local SEO really means.

    What is local SEO?

    Local SEO, also known as Map SEO, is one of the branches of SEO that empowers small and medium-sized businesses to develop by targeting local audiences.

    For example, let’s say you are running a local pet shop. Whenever people from your area type in the keyword “pet shop”, your shop should appear as a result in their preferred search engine.

    What are the benefits of a local SEO strategy?

    Better conversion rates

    According to Joel House Search Media, 28% of the local searches result in actual sales.

    It is undeniable that local SEO increases conversions and sales because users are always more likely to search for local businesses and buy from them instead of searching for businesses that are miles away.

    Also, ordering products from businesses that are too far away might entail shipping and potential risks like receiving damaged orders and having to deal with long delivery times.

    This is why more and more businesses are adapting their SEO strategies to the unique needs of their local audience.

    Better visibility in your niche

    One of the biggest advantages of local SEO is that it allows you to increase your local visibility in your specific niche.

    By specifying exactly what you do and creating content for local searches, your business can be found by customers that are really interested in what you are selling.

    If you optimize your content so that it appears in Google’s top 5 search results, you are likely to be visited by more than 67% of your visitors, based on the recent study conducted by Zero Limit Web.

    While conversion is the goal you are aiming for, brand awareness and visibility also play a huge role in brand positioning in the ever-increasing market.

    This means that if you appear in the top 5 Google search results, and if visitors opt for your competitors, they may memorize you and come back to your site the next time they search for the same type of local business.

    If you need more time to focus on essential business matters and would instead rely on the experts to help you build a successful local SEO strategy, search for the top local SEO companies to help you fulfill your ambitions.

    Fewer competitors

    You are well aware that when you type in a generic term, there are thousands of queries that pop up, many of which are simply irrelevant to your needs.

    However, if you add a location to your query, the number of results decreases and you can more easily choose the one that matches your needs.

    By typing in broad terms, you will even get international competition in the results. However, if you add a location to your query, you are presented with local businesses. This is an easier way to stand out from the crowd and deliver value to fewer but more loyal users.

    Eventually, if your customers are satisfied, your network will quickly start to grow.

    Cheaper ads

    When shopping locally, 82% of mobile users usually type in “near me”, and, in most cases, click on the first set of results.

    If you work on your local SEO strategy, your business will be displayed among the first 5 results for the right search queries.

    This will allow you to generate high-quality organic traffic to your website either for free or for cheaper, as it would not require you to overpay on PPC or some other types of ads.

    More reviews

    It is a well-known fact that most users tend to read reviews about the products they are planning to purchase before actually purchasing them. As a matter of fact, 87% of users claim to do that.

    If you offer a good service or a good product, your customers will leave positive reviews both on your site and across the web, which means that you will be able to get more new customers. However, this won’t happen unless you have a clearly defined local SEO strategy.

    A good local SEO strategy will help you get even more reviews.

    On top of this, if you regularly respond to your customers’ reviews will help you rank higher. Google will recognize you as providing a great customer experience and direct more traffic to your site.

    Increased leads and sales

    When searching for specific products and services, most visitors never go beyond the first page of Google search results.

    If you focus on the people who are already interested in your business, you will build a community of users who will visit your website frequently.

    Your awareness will increase as your business and services become more customer-focused.

    To get a clear view of how your local SEO strategy is performing, check out Google Analytics, a free tool that shows you exactly how many visitors your website generates per month and from what sources. This way, you can also keep track of how your local SEO strategy increases your profits.

    Focus your efforts on building a powerful local SEO strategy!

    Regardless of whether you are running a startup or a corporation, it is critical for you to increase your brand awareness and cater to your customers’ needs.

    A local SEO strategy is undoubtedly a key asset in your marketing strategy. So, start building your local SEO strategy today!

    Leverage the SEO techniques we covered above to achieve business success in no time.


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