Web Design: Planning, Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Websites

The web design is an activity that involves planning, design, implementation and maintenance of websites. The website designing also includes the process of determining what will be displayed on each page as well as how it will be displayed. Web designers Diseño de paginas web use various tools to create designs for websites like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The designer’s skill and expertise in using these programs can make a huge difference in the quality of work produced by them. The web design process can vary between companies but it typically begins with research about the company and its products, services, or industry. The designer may then create a site map to determine how different pages will relate to one another.

Research is done on the company

Site Map is created for each page

Designer creates an overall layout of what should be displayed in each section of the website

User interface elements are included which provides navigation that allows users to interact with content across multiple devices (e.g., mobile phones)

The ultimate goal of designing websites and their interfaces is user satisfaction: since this involves both visual aesthetics and interaction comfort factors, it’s important that all aspects are considered while planning a new design.

The web design is an activity that involves planning, designing and maintaining a website

Planning includes strategizing for the next three to five years of company growth while considering future changes in technologies. Designing requires creativity as well as technical skills including graphic design and user interface development. Implementation entails programming or coding HTML pages according to specifications by developers, programmers, designers and other personnel who are involved in the process

Maintenance encompasses various procedures such as updating content material on websites – ensuring accuracy of information published on sites so customers can find what they need with ease., moderating comments posted online – removing offensive messages left by users that violate terms of service agreements ; monitoring traffic referrals from external sources like search engines; keeping track of visitors coming from external sources by registering with analytics programs that provide statistical data

Planning usually begins with understanding the client’s needs before proceeding to a creative strategy meeting where ideas are generated for visual concepts and potential navigation schemes. It also entails deciding how many pages will be needed in order to effectively present content on the site; identifying keywords and phrases that should be included so customers can find what they need when using search engines like Google or Yahoo!; determining appropriate directory structure – such as categories containing subcategories which contain specific information about products or services offered to clients

Design includes creating wireframes (blueprints) showing page layouts based on approved strategies and content, as well as visual mockups to illustrate the appearance of a website.

The design process can take anywhere from days to weeks or more and includes many revisions before final decisions on layout are made

Implementation involves using web development technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and JavaScript so that the site displays correctly in different browsers

Maintenance entails following up with clients about how they like their new sites, what changes should be made if any, adding content when necessary etc .

The Web design is an activity that involves planning ,design , implementation and maintenance of websites . A web designer begins by understanding the client’s needs before proceeding to a creative strategy meeting where the client’s needs are discussed and a preliminary plan is made. The web designers will then create wireframes of the user interface, prepare to develop content with HTML and CSS coding languages ..


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