Verizon Gears Up For New Androids, BlackBerries, Tablet PCs 

If you are subscribed to Verizon’s services, then expect good news this winter season. Verizon Wireless will expand its range of offerings this festive season with some of the best devices such as Android-phones, netbooks, Blackberry smartphones, feature phones, ProjectfreeTV, and a lot more.

This rumor may sound old to you; however, the rumors have more specific details concerning launch dates and will cast more light on devices.

Verizon is rumored to bring the Motorola DROID 2 World Edition by the coming month. It is considered to be the first global smartphone based on Android OS. So, Motorola fans in the US have a good thing coming their way.

Verizon has lined up Motorola Citrus WX445 to be rolled out in September. The Citrus WX445 is also based on Android OS, but it has been crafted for the youth. Also, Verizon has certain netbooks such as Dell Vostro V13 along with HP Pavilion DM1-2019 lined up for release in September.

Besides, LG’s Octane VN530 and Octane VN270 will be launched by Verizon Wireless along the same time frame. To accompany these entry-level phones, Verizon has decided to release some more handsets of the same level such as ZTE Salute and Pantech Crux.

Comes October and we will see a sudden shift to the launch of Blackberry Storm 3 9750 by Verizon. This device is based on Blackberry 6 operating system. Besides, Blackberry Storm 3 9750 will feature SurePress technology making the touchscreen experience more intuitive. We can also expect the arrival of Blackberry Curve 3 9330 at the same time.

As we move on to the list of Android OS-based devices, Verizon has lined up Samsung Fascinate (Samsung Galaxy S) for release. This will be accompanied by the Samsung Continuum I400, which is a mid-level handset. Adding to this series of releases, there is Samsung Gem I100 with not so good QWERTY keypad. However, some say that the launch of the Samsung Gem I100 has been canceled.

October will also give us Motorola XT610 which is quite similar to DROID X in respect of form factor but has a slower processor. XT610 will feature either a 5MP or 3.2MP camera and the display will be smaller than that of DROID X. It will be priced in the range between $100 and $300.

Verizon is also planning to launch Motorola A957, Casio Ravine and Palm Pre 2 in October.

By November, Verizon has scheduled the launch of a tablet called enTourage eDGe (with dual screen) and pocket device by entourage.

Also, we will have Motorola Z600, the first Android tablet by Motorola which was hyped as Stingray, released in November. Tab I800 by Samsung will also be introduced around the same time.

Some other devices lined up for release are 4G LTE cards called PCD 290, HTC Merge, and LG 600.

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