Using Reverse Image Search For Managing Your Online Reputation


    Marketing a business today, has grown beyond creating presentations using PowerPoint templates (free download). Today, managing your brand’s online reputation is equally important, for foolproof marketing strategies, for which more and more companies are resorting to conduct a reverse image search.

    People, in general, are more drawn towards Google search results so, try to Google your business name and see what images related to your business, show up. Did you know that these images can have a direct impact on your company’s online reputation?

    Well, yes, a reverse image search is much more useful and advantageous than you can imagine. Let us find out how.

    Review and track images

    Reviewing the online images regularly and tracking image publishing all over the internet is supremely helpful. If you have designed an image that is meant for your brand only then make it online image theft proof by putting a watermark on all the designs. You have spent a whole lot of time perfecting the design so you don’t want anybody to just download it and use it as there’s right? Also, you must keep track of your designs.

    Be sure of what you are sharing

    Yes, because it can affect your online reputation heavily. Check the credibility of each story that you are sharing on your company timeline. In business, you must follow the give and take policy, to build cordial relationships you might have to share other company’s (relevant to you) stories, but check the facts first and then post anything.

    Keep a track of online mentions

    See what others have to say about your business as in what reviews or comments or blog posts are saying about your product. If you monitor online mentions you might find some negative images. A customer who is not satisfied with your product might post a negative image and Google automatically displays the negative ones first. Now, when a new customer is searching you online, sees the negative image, and immediately gets repulsive and you don’t want this to happen that’s why check online mentions regularly. Conducting a reverse image search will also help you to understand what your competitors and audiences think of you which will also help you to improve a lot.

    Get backlinks

    You can earn organic backlinks easily by negotiating with the companies that are using your designs. Say you have found out a couple of companies using your images, let them know that you are the original owner and you can let them use it but in exchange, they have to backlink the image to your site. Backlinks will enhance your reputation and boost the ranking of your website.

    Determine if only real people with real profiles post on your website

    Although you will interact with people virtually still you can easily get an idea of whether the person you are dealing with is fake or real by looking at their profiles and images that they use. You must hire genuine people if you are doing it virtually, say you’re hiring freelance content writers, graphic designers, or anybody else, just check their profile picture on Google Image Search and you’ll know.



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