Upgrade Your Garage Loft: Top Renovation Ideas You Must Consider

More and more homeowners want to renovate their garage. The extra space in the garage is something that should be utilized, and homeowners are doing their best to update this area. One of the best ways to make use of the extra space in your garage is to create a loft. 

The good thing about lofts is that you can incorporate any design to it purposefully while keeping the floor space untouched and open. If you need a garage loft and you have no idea how to start, read this list of garage loft ideas below. 

Make it a Storage Area

The garage is used not only for parking or keeping your car safe, but also to store your rarely used stuff. In many homes, you can see a car parked in the center of the garage and shelves or boxes taking a part of the walls and floor space. But, if you want to keep the floor space free and open, it’s a good idea to build a garage loft storage

For small loft storage, you can use the space right above the door of your garage for that purpose. Start the frame of the loft at the door track and use the already-built structure there. 

For bigger loft storage, you can build an entirely separate structure similar to the utility of an attic. Going for a do-it-yourself project for this one can take 3 to 5 days, but if you want to build it faster, hire a professional to do it. A simple design is a practical move since the loft will only be used for storage. 

Garage Loft as a Recreational Space

It’s also a wonderful project to transform a part of your garage into a recreation room. You have enough leeway to be creative and fun in its design and interior decoration since your garage is separate from your main living space. Make sure to take advantage of that freedom to make your garage recreation room awesome. 

The best thing about a garage recreation space is that you can alter its purpose as your children grow up or your family expands. For example, you can use it as a kid’s playroom at first and then turn it into a separate home entertainment area when your kids grow up. You can put up a gaming console, a smart TV, or a good sound system in it. 

Use Your Garage Loft as a Home Office

A lot of people right now are working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you’re doing it full-time or you just need an area in your house where you can bring in some extra tasks from your daily job, having a home office is an excellent addition to your home. 

Use that free space in your garage and put your home office there. Since it’s away from your common living area, a garage loft home office allows you to get rid of the distractions and concentrate on your work. 

It’s also a good idea to have direct outdoor access to your garage loft home office, especially if your work involves meeting with clients or customers. In this way, they don’t have to walk through the main garage area to your office. 

Turn Your Garage Loft into an Extra Bedroom

Garage lofts converted into bedrooms are now getting more popular. This allows you to have an additional living space, and it also increases the value of your property. If you need extra income, you can also rent it out.

Make sure that the design of your garage loft bedroom looks good and feels comfortable. It’s a must that you make it like you’re not sleeping in your garage area by closing off this bed space from your garage. 


Now you know how to upgrade your garage loft into something useful. You can make this area in your house as a home office, storage area, recreational space, or a bedroom. Take note of the guide above for you to learn how to do it. 

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