Truth about Biceps Size- bicep workouts, best bicep exercises

Today all are just being there on Youtube and Google about solutions for their fixes and from that the most searched thing is how to increase size of biceps and today I am here to clear this Truth about Biceps Size’  I’ve seen millions of people all the time on youtube or google wasting their time on just finding out an easy way to Add an Inch in their biceps size.

Truth about Biceps Size- bicep workouts, best bicep exercises, complete guide about biceps, biceps size how to maintain, best guide for biceps
Truth about Biceps Size- bicep workouts, best bicep exercises, complete guide about biceps, biceps size how to maintain, best guide for biceps

So, let me clear one thing that there is no particular exercise that will increase your biceps size in a day or 2  days. Results always takes time. If you go search anything even any shit google will bless you with that but it doesn’t mean whatever u think is possible. For instance – If we search in youtube or google like how to increase an inch of biceps in half an hour or in a minute you will be able to find things on this to however its impossible no one can gain or increase their size in a day. They just use the eager madness of the people for having that size. In actual all of us know its just a pump they’ll not be having the same size the other day, its just a scheme of having more and more views as people will definitely go through their videos or articles due to madness about having that dreams like been look like a athelete or supermodel.

Truth about Biceps Size- bicep workouts, best bicep exercises

Truth is :-

If you want to increase the size, you have to give time and wait for results. Even Rome was not built in a day.

Some Main Points for Size is :-

  • Firstly be dedicated and motivated never let yourself stressed about not getting results.
  • You should always be having a planned scheduled in your mind about the things to be done.
  • The main thing that plays a vital role is your diet plan. It doesn’t matter how good you workout or go hard in gym if u are not taking that diet according to your workout then believe me u want be able to achieve the goals you are always worried about

So, first before getting into the gym you must be having a proper diet if you don’t feed your body as a fuel to recover you will even get weak and a day will come u’ll stop your workouts or gym. If we compare a person with one workout very hard with a good form but is not having any diet or not sufficient diet and on other hand a person who is not going that much hard or that much good like the other is working out but is having a perfect diet plan which according to his body is sufficient results will be more better in him rather than the guy with just good workout not diet.

  • After Diet the next things comes to your workout. Its very common among all the lifting heavy results in growth of muscles. But it’s a problem in people that they think that heavy means the heaviest dumble in gym. However, heavy means the weight which is heavy enough for you which start torning your muscles at the repetition of 8 and the next left 4 repetition pain which u give to your muscles are the best weights and appropriate for you and will bless you with very good results.
  • After this the main step the sleeping phase where the body built muscles that are torned in gym. If a person is doing all the above things that I’ve mentioned but is lacking sleep He’ll not grow even this will also lead to weakness as he is not giving rest to body. So, 8 hours of sleep is very necessary to built muscles.

These are the main points which one should always be going through. These points can bless you with size, and size doesn’t mean you will just be getting biceps size as people thinks that eating a proper diet in biceps and triceps will built them muscles as main the part which is more visible are these two but  when you give fuel to your body with protein and carbohydrates it gets into your body through blood and it will go on your whole body not just at one particular part so a proper diet every day is important to gain size and get big.

There is no particular exercise to built size every exercise does its own part so never think about that there can be an exercise by doing that you can increase your size by doing that particular exercise.

However, I recommend exercises for biceps which torn more muscles than others are  :-

  1. Barbel Curls :- As Compound exercise brakes more muscles.
  2. Dumbles :- Avoid Curls
  3. Pitcher :- Contract and stretch fully
  4. Concentration :- Give good results if one give attention and contraction with proper form. Works on Peak.
  5. Close Grip Barbel :- For braucialis muscle. Part which gives a very good and big look to biceps.
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