Top Convincing Reasons why Fenugreek Benefits Your Health
Top Convincing Reasons why Fenugreek Benefits Your Health

There is no denying the fact that we need more scientific evidences to prove the health benefits of fenugreek, fenugreek still assists much in improving health. Below are some of the most convincing proven health benefits of fenugreek:

Top Convincing Reasons why Fenugreek Benefits Your Health
Top Convincing Reasons why Fenugreek Benefits Your Health
  • Improve the immune system and level of cholesterol

Fenugreek could solve a lot of problems related to digestion such as stomach or constipation, even in babies. For example, fiber dissolved in water of fenugreek and other foods as well might solve constipation. It also works as a way of treating digestion and is often mixed with a balanced diet due to its use of avoiding inflammation.

Fenugreek also appears to be effective for those suffering heart related diseases such as frozen main blood stream and high level of fat in blood, including cholesterol and triglyceride. In reality, Indian research shows that using 2,5g Fenugreek every two days in 3 months for diabetes is very helpful.

  • Reduce inflammation in body

Fenugreek plant could decrease inflammation diseases in body such as: boil, bronchitis, kidney illness, cancer, chronic cough, infection beneath skin, etc. Fenugreek is proved to have medical qualities a thousand years ago by Doctor Ayurvedic. Having thought about decreasing fat level in blood, he pointed out that fenugreek was useful in many ways, including managing transformation disorders and nutrition disorders such as diabetes.

Recent published research in an international magazine emphasizes the power of fenugreek in avoiding inflammation. It is also proved to have potential beneficial effects on adjuvant causing arthritis in mice.

  • Accelerate libido in men

Fenugreek is used for men including treating hernias and other male problems such as male baldness. This is because fenugreek roots may be used to accelerate sexual arousal and testosterone.

Although it is the best to consult doctor advice before using fenugreek as a way of natural treatment to cure or improve some of the sexual diseases, additive element in fenugreek could increase the sexual desire effectively for male as well as naturally cure the state of helplessness.

  • Increase milk stream for mothers

Fenugreek could also help women lacking milk for breastfeeding. Fenugreek could increase the supply of breastfeeding milk as it serves as a natural galactagogue, which is a way of increasing breastfeeding milk. This could arouse the milk stream and increase milk supply within only 24 hours.

Although we need more scientific research to prove the accuracy and safety of galactagogue in fenugreek in terms of breastfeeding milk, some studies have recorded its use in encouraging milk stream.

  • Decrease outer body inflammation

Besides reducing inner inflammation, fenugreek seeds sometimes could be used form outer side as a poultice, which means it is covered in cloth warmly and then applied directly onto skin. This could reduce the risks of external inflammation and treat Gout, pain and bruise in muscle, injuries, Eczema. It is important to check the initial areas to ensure it is not burnt or able to create any further inflammation.

  • Cure eating disorders

Apart from adding flavors to dishes, fenugreek also appears to be helpful in increasing appetite, resulting in more nutrition. Research was conducted in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, which was about the impact of using fenugreek seeds in eating behaviors. Experiments were carried out to assess the levels of food consumption and eating motivations as well as changes in transformation and inner elements. The results showed that the behavior of eating fenugreek-related food in the long term could increase the food input as well as eating motivations. However, report also pointed out the treatment was not effective in curing anorexia and less food input.

If you have anorexia nervosa, medical center of Maryland University suggests using 250 to 500 milligram fenugreek up to 3 times a day, but it may not be safe for children. Therefore, for every natural cure or drug, you need to consult doctor’s advice first.

  • Improve sporting activities

Scientific and Sporting magazine reported a study about the impact of mixing creatine and fenugreek Extract in body and its power in male. 47 men were trained about health and customized to their weight to take 70 gram artificial dextrose, 5 gram creatine and 70 gram dextrose and took part in a period of 8 weeks. At 0, fourth and eighth week, all volunteers were examined about body part, muscle flexibility and anaerobic ability. Group with creatine/fenugreek showed a remarkable increase in body weight, bench pressure as well as leg pressure. It came to the conclusion that when creatine was mixed with fenugreek, they had a considerable impact on the upper body strength as well as other body parts. It is a good method because using fenugreek with creatine could be a tool to increase the absorbency of creatine while eliminating the necessity of simple carbohydrate. Therefore you should consider adding fenugreek to the list of best food for sportsmen.