Tips to Start a Business After Finishing College

Every year thousands of bright-eyed, ambitious graduates walk out of the hallowed halls of their university into the larger world. Some among these graduates will be the next generation of innovators, founders, entrepreneurs and small business owners with a dream to establish themselves by starting their own business right after they graduate.

Some of them are already armed with a well-defined business plan and others with nothing but dreams and determination to follow the road less traveled and carve out their own illustrated career paths.

Here we have tried to enlist a few tips to help you establish your career:

1. Try to settle the previous student loan:

When establishing a business, first of all, you need capital or money. It’s not all the time that we can make money from our parents. We hardly have such a great bank balance to invest in a business. Thus, research everything you need to know about student loan forgiveness. The best thing about settling a student loan is – here, the rate of interest behind the amount of money you have borrowed is less than other loan programs, so first, settle the pending student loan.

2. Decide the form of business you wish to begin with and set a goal:

Before targeting new revenue, you have to set a goal, and you have to make sure that you are well equipped to walk over this new pathway relentlessly towards achieving your goal. If you keenly want to start a business, then you have to decide on the type of business. There are four major types:

  • Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Merchandising
  • Hybrid

3. Turn your passion into profession:

Long before deciding on the business plan, emerging entrepreneurs must try to discover why they want to start a business in the first place. This comes from understanding yourself, but it is advisable to choose a path that brings you happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life. Then walk on it.

4. Do the research and study the market:

If you have decided on your business plan, then do deep research about its pros and cons and make a list of your target audience, carefully and thoroughly evaluate your potential investment, find out the market value and study thoroughly about the other businesses who provide the same services.

Survey says that 42% of small businesses fail because they don’t have a market for their service, and 19% fail because they can’t beat their competitors. So make a rock-solid business plan and strategy to shine differently.

5. Find a good mentor:

Behind a successful business experience, a good mentor matters a lot as the internet can only provide you with information but not helpful pieces of firsthand information. Thus, find out somebody experienced from your family or your institution or somebody you can trust and who has a good career in business, then, try to seek some valuable pieces of advice and ideas from him.

6. No matter if you are a start-up or you have a small business, you have to go through these steps:

  • Take care of all the legal matters
  • Figure out your finances
  • Set realistic monthly income goals
  • Develop discipline
  • Leverage social media effectively
  • Understand the buyer’s intent
  • Learn an effective SEO strategy


Confidence is the main catalyst for your success, so don’t break down if you cannot benefit according to your expectation. Even if you fail in your newly established business, the experience you have gathered will matter a lot in the future. Also, you can try to get a job simultaneously for your financial backup.

Try to follow these above-mentioned tips to succeed in your business. All the best!

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