The Ultimate Guide To Getting More Views on Your Instagram Stories

Even though this feature was straight-up copied from Snapchat, it has quickly become one of the easiest and quickest ways to do visual content marketing, tell a compelling story, and boost engagement with followers.

Currently, Stories are being used by 70% of US businesses; and we believe the feature definitely has a great potential of expanding worldwide more than it already has. So let’s get to know not only some of the most powerful strategies that will help you build a powerful personal/business brand but also how Instagram Stories can complement your already existing content marketing strategy.

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Create and publish different types of content

An editorial calendar is a must when doing Instagram Stories because it will help you schedule your content in advance. Better scheduling means providing an improved user experience for those who follow your account because they will know when to expect new Stories from you.

Consistency is crucial because it will help you keep your audience close by facilitating engagement. It shows that you know what you are doing, that you are doing it with a purpose, and that your Stories are truthful to who you are and what you want to achieve.

What should you publish?

Basically, anything you can put together into your stories: photos, videos, and boomerangs. You are limited to posting up to 100 Stories in 24 hours so you need to bear this in mind.

  1. Photo, Video, and Boomerang are the three main options available for IG Stories. You can select either one of them, you can combine them if you want or, you can alternate the type of content you want to post via Stories.
  2. The second alternative is to share your regular posts via Stories. You can select your best photos and videos, then choose the “post to stories” option. We’ll get to this later in the article.

How can you determine the best content for Instagram Stories?

The answer will largely depend on your strategy and your audience, of course. However, the best way to assess the type of content you should publish is via Instagram Insights. The collection of statistical data provided by the platform will ease your work and help you make better decisions.

Instagram Insights will provide you with useful information such as:

  • The number of replies you received for a story, whether it’s a photo, video, or boomerang
  • The number of taps to the next story published by another account
  • The number of clicks you received for a link added in a story
  • The number of impressions for a story
  • The number of unique accounts that viewed your story, which is called “reach,” and may be one of the most important stats you get
  • The number of forwards, which refers to how many people tapped the screen to see the next story you posted
  • The number of backward taps, which shows how many people tapped the screen to see once again a photo/video/boomerang that you previously posted
  • The number of taps users made to exit your story

How to post your latest feed photos on stories

Remember the two options we listed at the beginning of this chapter? Well, let’s take a quick look at the second one: publishing Stories from the latest feed posts.

Why would you choose to reshare your content instead of creating new photos and videos?

Let’s say you run a promotional campaign. You announced it to your audience through a post on your feed and over the next few days, you would like to remind people about it. You can do it however many times you want via Stories by playing with the visuals and adding something new to it, like a new hashtag, a countdown timer, or some fun stickers.

Alternatively, you can repost older images and videos on IG Stories and use some of the unique features that are available only here. There are countless possibilities, all you need is a little imagination.

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