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Getting ahead of the competition is a must in the sports world, as the environment is highly competitive. You either get ahead, or you start lagging behind; and once you do, then you’re quite unlikely to catch up.

As of the past decade, a huge amount of professional sports teams from across the world have taken to collecting as much data as possible from their games in the hope that they’ll have a better understanding of what needs to be improved or changed.

When even the slightest mistake can influence a game, it’s not surprising that so much of a focus has been put on collecting data. Everything from an athlete’s heart rate to their stress levels or even overall fatigue can be determined with the use of data analysis software, allowing sports teams to rise up to new, unforeseen heights.

The field of basketball has taken to these novelties with great speed, with almost all teams belonging to the National Basketball Association (NBA) having established data analytics departments in order to perfect their game.

This is of great help to professional athletes, whose every movement is tracked by a high-quality camera that collects any relevant data for the analytics department, who, in turn, takes this data and turns it into a presentable format for coaches to act upon. If you’re a professional NBA athlete and need to get better at running, then you’ll certainly get reminded by your analytics department.

How is Basketball Sports Data Collected?

Basketball data collection is done through analysis software that has been designed to pay close attention to every variable that is relevant to an athlete’s performance. In general, the software is connected to a premium-quality camera that can film in extremely high resolution.

The software helps the camera in collecting this information by, for example, allowing it to move and keep focus on the trajectory of the ball in play. If you kick the ball from one end of the field to another, then the camera will automatically track it, taking in factors such as speed or the degrees at which it lands.

Before data collection software, which is essentially a computerized system, data was collected through paper surveys, in which athletes had to give their opinion as to what they believe they were lacking in or not. You can imagine how that is not the most effective way. It’s done manually, which takes time, and the information collected can be erroneous.

Despite this, paper-based data collection is still a thing, since there is one huge advantage when it comes to software: it makes use of the internet in order to function, which means that if you don’t have internet, then you’re not going to be able to do anything with it. Imagine a very important sports game not being analyzed because of weather!

What Is the Relevance of Data Collection Software?

Data collection has become very popular. Almost a necessity, in fact, as no paper-based survey can give as much information as software that makes use of artificial intelligence. There’s no way that either the human eye or brain complex can take in the thousands of things that happen on a game field at one time, which is why software is so important.

The physical and mental status of players is very important. If a player is fatigued, then they need to rest, as otherwise their next game performance is going to be abysmal. To make matters worse, injuries are known to happen more frequently to players that are tired.

While a player might not show too many signs of fatigue, running the risk of having their exhaustion be taken for granted, tracking devices and AI can detect their true state so that a well-deserved break can be called for.

Best Data Collection Tool

Looking for an app to keep track of basketball stats? Our recommendation would be FeedConstruct’s DeePro platform, which has been specially designed for basketball. It’s powerful enough to be usable by both professional teams and fans of sports games looking to draw a little more engagement from their hobby.

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