The Best Alternative That You Can Use To Convert Excel Files to PDF

The need to be able to convert files in this modern world is as high as ever. As students or office professionals, we must be able to rely on a tool that helps us convert files reliably and easily. One of the standard file formats today is the PDF. Having an alternative that allows us to convert any files into PDF will surely be handy in accomplishing our tasks.

Why is a pdf converter tool essential upon going forward with our tasks? Well, using PDF as a standard file format ensures formality among your peers. There are times when file formats, when opened in other applications or platforms, will result in unexpected changes. It is the best move to ensure that the original format, along with the data in the file, remains the same.

You will be able to ensure formality, security, and effectiveness by using PDF Bear as your pdf converter. You will find out why as you read through this article.

PDF Bear: Online Conversion Tool

PDF Bear is an online tool that allows users to edit, annotate, and convert files into pdf formats. The conversion features in PDF Bear are free, so users do not need to worry about shelling out cash to convert their files. The best feature of PDF Bear is that users will accomplish their editing, annotating, and converting tasks without any hitch. This type of functionality is rarely present in online tools with free access.

For a quick fix in editing, annotating, and conversion, PDF Bear, is one of the best online tools. In terms of being able to convert pdf to excel, PDF Bear proves to be effective and easy in that aspect. Any of your data in your excel files will surely fall in the right column, row, and cell.

Users will not have to worry about potential unwanted changes while using PDF Bear as the pdf converter of choice. The accuracy of this online tool is due to the partnership with Solid Documents. With this fact, users can assure themselves for an easy, accurate, and streamlined conversion process.

Converting Excel Files To PDF in PDF Bear

We mentioned that the pdf conversion process in PDF Bear is fairly easy and quick. All users have to do is to upload any of their excel files in the PDF Bear website. After uploading the excel files, users will only have to wait for a matter of seconds to complete the conversion.

Take note that the amount of time in converting excel files depends on the file size of each excel file. If you have a fairly large excel file, the time that it will take to convert is directly proportional to the file size. However, PDF Bear users will not have to worry about any conversion errors or bugs as the conversion process is easy, secure, and accurate.

The excel spreadsheet will then be available for download on your respective phones and devices. Do note that you must download the file in less than 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, the system will automatically delete the file for security reasons.

Is PDF Bear Safe to Use?

PDF Bear is completely safe to use. The website has 128-SSL encryption to ensure its users that there won’t be a third-party entity that will snoop on the files. 128-SSL encryption ensures a top-notch quality in security while making privacy its top priority.

We mentioned that the system/website would automatically delete files 60 minutes after a successful conversion. PDF Bear understands that the data that you upload for editing, annotating, and converting may contain sensitive information. Rest assured that no confidential contracts, terms, and other documents will leak into the Internet.

The only user who will have access to your files is you. You can be sure of a secure, easy, and high-quality conversion job with PDF Bear.

High-Quality Conversion On-The-Go

PDF Bear is the perfect online tool for any conversion job on the go. It does not matter if you want an XLS-PDF, PDF-XLS, PDF-JPG, and so on. PDF Bear gets the job done with superb quality. Users will be able to avail of a PDF service that lets them convert while you are on the move, no matter where you are.


PDF Bear offers a more streamlined process in any of your editing, annotating, and conversion needs. For an online tool that goes for free, PDF Bear provides services that are simply unmatched. For your pdf editing, annotating, and converting needs, head to PDF Bear today.

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