What is stack player / How to uninstall Stack player [Stack player removal]

What is Stack player

What is stack player
What is stack player

Stack player is a PUP (Potentially unwanted program) and also a adware program which gets installed on your from any other virus, pup or malware. Stack player is being advertised as this is a system optimization program. Once installed on your system stack player is a promotional tool which offers you to view latest online videos directly from your desktop screen. Stack player can change your browser settings, track your activity, steal your personal data and show you popups ads and redirect to the malicious sites. There is no stack player removal tool available on internet right now, So you need to remove stack player virus manually from your pc. In this article I’m going to provide you a step by step tutorial about how to uninstall stack player malware / virus from your computer. After reading this article you can also remve stack player from windows 10 computer.

How to Remove / Uninstall Stack player [ removal process ].

you can follow below step by step tutorial to uninstall Stack player virus/malware from your computer.

1. Create a system restore point.

Before starting to do any changes on your computer, Make sure you create a restore point. Restore point will help you to restore your files and settings later if you do anything wrong during the process. You can open below article to learn how to create a restore point.

Create a system restore point
Create a system restore point

2. Uninstall Stack Player from Program and features.

Stack player may be installed inside your program and features with different name or same name. You need to identify any suspicious program and uninstall it from there. Follow Below steps to uninstall Stack player and complete Stack player removal process.

  1. Click on Windows Button on your computer and search for program and features inside the search box.

    Search for program and features
    Search for program and features
  2. Now highlight the Stack player or any suspicious program which you think is suspicious and click Uninstall/Change.
    highlight and Uninstall Stack player [ Stack player removal ]
    highlight and Uninstall Stack player [ Stack player removal ]
  3. Now follow the instructions which comes on your screen and you are done.

4. Remove Stack player Extensions from Your Browsers.

After Stack player removal (after removing Stack player software), there will be some extensions left on your computer which you need to uninstall. Below Articles will help you to remove Unwanted Extensions(Plugins) from your browsers.

5. Reset your Browsers.

Stack player may have changed proxy settings of your browsers, you can reset your proxy settings by resetting your browsers. Just read below article to know how you can reset your browsers.

6. Change Default Search engine and Default homepage.

If your default search engine or default homepage is other then google, yahoo, bing or duckduckgo, then you should change it back to one of above right now. May be They are fake search engines, which are showing you popups and redirecting you to Sammy pages. Below articles will help you to change your Default Search Engine and Homepage.


7. Clean System with Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner.

Once you have done all manual steps, now its time to remove any leftover adware,spyware or malware from your pc. You need to run Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner to remove any kind of Malware/adware left on your computer. Below articles will help you to clean your system with malwarebytes and AdwCleaner.

8. Fix issues with CCleaner and Stack player removal process is Completed.

After Cleaning your system with tools such as Malwrebytes and AdwCleaner to remove viruses such Stack player virus there will be some invalid Registry values and junk files left on your computer. They can come up with any issue in the future, So you need to clean them with CCleaner. Below article will help you to optimize your computer with CCleaner.

How to use CCLeaner.

That’s it.

Thanks for reading my artile about how to remove/uninstall Stack player [Stack player removal] from your pc. If you have some questions, feel free to comment below.

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