Spend Less: The Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

The Bluetooth technology is now making a noise in the industry, and the name is climbing up the popularity. If you are going to survey, many would tell you that it is handier compared to the wired earbuds. There is not much difference in the quality, and it can also give a good fight, though. Most of the devices that we use are capable of Bluetooth connectivity like our smartphones, laptops, computers, TV’s, and more. Using wireless earbuds can also enhance your listening experience.

Not all individuals have the resources to buy expensive with famous brands, high-end earbuds. Come to think of it, and if you want it so bad, then there must be alternatives. The answer is yes, a lot of people are using the best true wireless earbuds under 100. Despite the price, the quality and the features it offers will be worth your money because not all cheap things are low quality. So here are the best wireless earbuds under $100.

Enacfire E19 Wireless Earbuds

Wire-free means more freedom with this affordable earbuds. Pairing with Enacfire E19 is much easy because after you take it out of its box, you will have to wait for only a few seconds for its icon to pop up on your smartphone. It features a 3D stereo hi-fi that will enhance and produce amazing bass sounds and clear trebles. It is perfect to pair these earbuds with high definition sound quality.

When you are 33 feet away from the host device, you don’t need to worry because it has the latest version of Bluetooth, which is the Bluetooth v5.0. In one charge, you can enjoy three hours of the listening experience, and the case can provide an additional fifteen hours if you charge it. The design is small, and it’s perfect for anyone’s style.

TNSO E-18 True Wireless Headphones

One of the true wireless earbuds and its new style and subtlety is what people are looking for. The convenience it offers is impressive, and TNSO E-18 is everything that you want from wireless earbuds. Its microphone is built-in for calls, and the case is compact and useful for carrying. The button is one-touch and controls it from the outside. Its battery is also pretty decent for wireless earbuds.

It can last up to four hours after only thirty minutes of charging. You can also get up to four charges from its case. The feature is surround sound of 360-degree and it is notable. Even if you are in a loud background, the sound delivery is precise. It is very lightweight and comfortable to use, and you won’t even notice that you are using it. 

FocusPower F10 Mini

FocusPower F10 Minis are a tiny device and set of true wireless earbuds. It comes with all the typical features like the carrying case, Bluetooth, microphone, and one-touch button control. Its Bluetooth is v.41, which is not that strong compared to the other wireless earbuds that offer the latest Bluetooth technology.

However, its battery life is exceptional. When you use it for calls, it can last up to seven hours if the volume is around 30-40% and four hours of usage when it’s on full volume. You can charge it quickly because of the magnetic USB charging tech. The sound is excellent for a small pair of earbuds, and its compact portability is what makes it stand out.


Using a wire-free device adds a lot of convenience and comfort to our lives. Without annoying wires, you will have freedom that many devices cannot give. There are many high-quality earbuds in the market, but those are expensive and not practical to buy. For just under $100, you can find earbuds that will satisfy your senses.

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