What is SEO and how exactly does Google decide where my page should rank

Last week someone asked me What is SEO and how exactly does Google decide where my page should rank? So, after collecting information regarding this topic, i decided to write upon same question. Hope you’ll find this article meaningful and helpful. Search Engines such as Google show websites after searching for results they think are relevant and authoritative. They quantify relevance by content analysis plus they determine authority predicated on a number of things, especially the quality and amount of the links a full page has. Links are, therefore, in a way just like votes.

What is SEO and how exactly does Google decide where my page should rank

What is SEO and how exactly does Google decide where my page should rank
What is SEO and how exactly does Google decide where my page should rank

Still confused about exactly what SEO is? Well, continue reading!

How can you turn your website into the type of site that the various Search engine will show when they are searching for results?

Simple : Good Content plus Quality Links equals SEO Success!

I also write another article on INTRODUCTION TO SEO OR WHAT IS SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMAZATION. I recommend you read that to clear your doubts regarding search engine optimization.

So how exactly does Google decide where your page should rank?

Google promotes the pages it regards as authority webpages to the highest point in its rankings. It is your task or the task of any company you hire to complete your SEO – to produce authority pages. Basically this requires building links and writing content.

So basically SEO involves writing pages that use keywords, which are words people use within searches, and securing links from other pages to exhibit how essential your page is when compared with the others. Links are votes and votes enable you to get elected to page 1…..

An easy 1-2-3 Guide to Improving Search engine results:

  • Write content that will be utilized by the people who look for your product.
  • Build links to your pages to exhibit their importance.

Keep carrying this out!
SEO is just the simple activity of ensuring that an internet site is available to SEO’s online for keywords highly relevant to what the website is providing. In several respects, it’s simply a quality filter for sites. With that said, if there has ever been a business which was poorly comprehended by ‘outsiders’ then it’s SEO.

Ask some SEO businesses about SEO and they’re going to try to blind you with science and confuse you in to thinking it is a black art. Ask some businesses : ‘what’s SEO.?’ and two hours later you will be none the wiser. This is why, if you do hire a company to complete this task, you should not only understand what they’re doing for you, but why!

Links appear to be essential, so how do I get them? Correct, links are essential but do not confuse quality with quantity. 10 or 15 links from quality relevant resources (pages) to one of your pages may have a far larger effect on the way your webpage ranks than the usual 1000 poor quality links that are sold by plenty of SEO businesses. Actually, if an SEO company provides you with a collection of links for a set charge, run away because they are definitely spammers!!

Alternatively, look for great links from other great websites, as long as you have some thing that is worth linking back to because good websites do not connect to poor quality ones, why would they?

To sum up

Produce a good site, provide some thing people want and are searching for then share your website with some other great websites and you will quickly begin to notice your site traffic increase.

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