How to Remove Avast Email Signature ( Removal Guide 2019 )

Avast Email Scanning is a cool feature inside avast products, But it can also be annoying for some users. Avast now automatically inserts a signature advertising avast product, into your outgoing Emails. Many user’s want to turn off avast email signature to stop advertise anything on their Emails. If you are also one of those user’s who wants to remove an avast signature from email, then this article is for you. Here we’ll teach you, How to remove avast email signature from outgoing Emails with our step by step avast email signature removal process.

Steps to Remove Avast Email Signature

You can also watch the video for better understanding or keep going with the steps below.

The Process to remove avast email signature is very simple. You can Follow Below steps to turn off avast email signature on your outgoing Email’s step by step.

  1. Open Your Avast product. (e.g. Avast internet security, Avast premier or Avast antivirus.)
  2. Click Menu >Settings” and then go to the “General” tab.
    Open Avast Settings
  3. Now UnCheck “Enable Avast email signature” checkbox and press “Ok” button.
    Disable avast email signature
  4. Restart your Email client or Browser.
  5. Find the settings with “Mail Shield.”
  6. Now unmark the checkbox with “Add a Signature to the end of sent emails.”
  7. Restart your web browser and Email Software

That’s it, Now you have successfully turned off avast email signature from your outgoing Email’s. If you want to re-enable the signature, you can follow all this process again and check Enable Avast Email signature again.

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