Promoting On LinkedIn: 5 Free Ways To Market Your Business

LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most important social networking sites for promoting your business currently. If you aren’t marketing on LinkedIn, you are most definitely missing out on the same. But don’t you worry because we are here to tell you how to promote your business on LinkedIn without investing a single penny behind the same. 

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Free Ways To Market Your Business On Linkdln

Let’s not waste any more time – dive straight in and figure out how the world of LinkedIn marketing works. 

1. Alternate Between Both Long-Form And Short-Form Content Formats:

You must have seen both long-form and short-form content everywhere on social media platforms. Moreover, if you check out both forms of content, you will realize that you can’t do without both these content formats. While long format content is important for boosting your storytelling approach to marketing and humanizing your brand in the process. 

But at the same time, the short form content formats are equally important for a similar purpose – this will help you to get the tags and engagement from your audience. Additionally, short-form content works out very well on most platforms – it’s usually fun, catchy, quirky content! As long as you have a great copywriter at your disposal, you are sorted when it comes to such content.

2. Don’t Ever Neglect Hashtags: 

Yes, yes, you have heard a thousand times that hashtags are important, but you haven’t really seen much of it – we understand but at the same time, have you wondered why these haven’t worked out for you yet? Are you using the wrong hashtags? Creating your hashtag strategy is a lot like creating your content strategy.

So while you are choosing your hashtags, make sure you are blending the relevant ones with the popular ones for effective results when it comes to both your reach and engagement. Niche hashtags can actually do your business a favor when used properly. Moreover, it is vital that you use the right hashtags for the right niche. 

3. Optimize Both Your Business Page And Business Account On LinkedIn:

One common thing that most brands forget about is optimizing your business account – if you don’t optimize your business account with all the relevant information, then the LinkedIn algorithm will not help you out. In fact, don’t leave out information on any aspect – if there’s a blank, you have to fill it up!

At the same time, you can’t ignore the importance of a business page. Yes, your brand has an account, but you need a page as well. Your business page is for all business-related updates, while your account is for lead conversions and personal interactions – keep the difference between them both clear and concise.

4. Add A Human Touch To Your Brand:

The key to succeeding on most social networking sites has a lot to do with humanizing your brand – people don’t engage with accounts that lack a human touch. Thus, your content, interactions, and even engagement on the business account must look human. 

You will see the difference in terms of both reach and engagement once you are able to humanize your brand on social media platforms. Adding a simple human touch to a brand on different social networking platforms can prove to be beneficial in the long run – humanize your brand instead of making it a bot-like account. 

5. Maintain Your Brand’s Consistency:

The thing about marketing on LinkedIn is you have to be consistent with your publishing and engagement. You can’t randomly publish or engage and then disappear for weeks or, worse, months. So if you are publishing only once a week, then try to be consistent about it – maybe reshare some other content types from other accounts. 

In case of engagements or interactions, you can follow the same practice – you don’t have to comment every day but at least do it consistently. For instance, you can open your LinkedIn account and engage for fifteen-twenty minutes thrice a week. You will notice the changes on your own. 

And It’s A Digital Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea about marketing and promoting your brand on LinkedIn, it’s best that you don’t waste any time – because not marketing on LinkedIn is perhaps one of the gravest errors you are making at the moment, especially if you are a service-based brand. Additionally, LinkedIn marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing at the moment. 

Meanwhile, let us know about your thoughts on LinkedIn marketing and your experiences with the same.

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