How to solve [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] error

What is PII?

Any data that can potentially be used to identify a particular person is Personal identifiable information (PII). It is information that is maintained by an agency and can be used to trace an individual. It can also be used to distinguish among people having the same names.

Some information that is included in PII is date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, or any linkable information like medical records, educational and financial details.

Mainly PII is divided into two categories-

  1. Linked information- It is any piece of information that can be used to identify an individual and includes full name, house address, email address, passport number, and driver’s license number but is not limited to it.
  2. Linkable information- It is any information that cannot identify a person on its own but when it is combined with other pieces of information it can identify, trace, or locate an individual. This subdivision consists of country, state, postcode, gender, and race.

People usually tend to confuse PII and personal data and use them in place of each other. Personal data is a more commonly used term than PII. Personal identifiable information is a term that is mainly used in the USA.

Personal data is a European equivalent of PII. Personal data according to a source is defined as any information relating to an identifiable or identified natural person who can be identified either directly or indirectly by using a reference like a phone number, location data, or biological, physiological, economic features specific to an individual.

PII breach has almost become a weekly routine. If the PII does not include the login credentials, identity theft is not possible. The information put up on social media can also be used as a catalyst in identity theft.

A fake website can also be created in which people fill up their information which can further be used in the wrong ways. PII can be protected in many ways like being wary of what is shared on social networks, applications.

Avoiding unsafe websites and being cautious of public networks and deleting all the extra information that is not needed. The sensitive information like social security numbers, medical, financial information should always be stored on trustworthy social networks.

Many services like Privacy Armor are being opened up that help employee to secure and monitor PII wherever they go and also it helps them to recover their identities.

How to solve [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] error
How to solve [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] error

Hackers by penetrating the personal information go into the accounts and steal money. The risks of such thefts can be minimized by imposing strict security measures like different passwords for multiple accounts, changing passwords.

How to solve [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] error

If the device shows [pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] error this means that Microsoft Outlook is not doing the work properly which can happen in certain cases like network traffic and site crashing. Some simple directions that can be used to resolve the issue are-

1.[pii_email_105b6448ce4cd75c929c] error can be caused during any installation process, that Microsoft Outlook conflicts with other email accounts or software that are installed on the device.

Therefore, the user may have to remove the broken version of Outlook from the personal device and may have to install it from the official Microsoft Outlook website.

2. Many fake versions of various software’s are being made these days; thus, the user should find an actual Outlook and install it.

  1. If the installation process cannot be completed due to some network issues, an online version of it can be used for urgent work.
  2. If multiple accounts and programs are being run on the device simultaneously then it may become important to close certain programs and logging in to the account again.
  3. Microsoft Outlook of older versions of Windows 8 or 9 can be used if Outlook of Windows 10 causes problems.
  4. If all these steps do not solve the problem, the Microsoft office can be contacted by writing an email or a letter for further instructions of help or support. They can help by providing certain additional instructions.

These are some of the easy and straightforward instructions that may help in resolving this common issue. Read More: HOW CAN WE INCREASE THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MAIN PROGRAM USING ADOBE GC INVOKER UTILITY?

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