Online Security: This Is How to Keep Your Business Safe

Ever wondered how much your business could lose from a single cyberattack? These days, you risk over $4 million from one hacking incident. Assaults could steal your customers’ credit card information or launch a ransomware campaign against you.

Never put your business, your employees, and your customers at risk. Boost your online security and start protecting data like a pile of gold.

Don’t fret if you feel a little lost and not sure where to start. We’ve got a list of tips about preventing cyberattacks. Continue reading and to secure your business:

Train Employees

Securing a business starts with you and your employees. Regularly train your staff to teach them how to keep data safe. Training will also help them understand why they have to go through rigorous security protocols.

Don’t force everything at once. Run a seminar to cover information about passwords, another seminar about using personal devices, and more. Breaking down the information this way ensures people will remember the things they learn.

Change Passwords

Make it mandatory for your staff to change and update their passwords. Enforce difficult and complex passwords. People shouldn’t be able to use common information such as their birthdates or first names as part of their passwords.

Make it impossible for people to use common passwords, like “qwerty” and “password1.” Company and customer passwords should use a mixture of upper case letters, lower case letters, special characters, and numbers.

Backup Company Data

Never rely solely on the hardware you have to store data. One cyberattack could lead to a ransomware assault. This is when the attackers steal the information, forcing your business to pay before they can release the data back to you.

First, make sure to regularly backup your data to a cloud storage system. The next step is to also store data onto physical drives that you can disconnect from your company’s network. Both methods keep the data away from hackers.

Professional Online Security Team

Running a system-wide audit, fixing errors, eliminating viruses, and implementing new protective methods can all seem quite intimidating to do. Pile on the challenge of regularly updating your system and backing up data and it can seem impossible.

This isn’t an excuse to skip on high-quality protection. One good way to get everything done is to hire a professional security team. You can hire teams to handle data back up and recovery or erase sensitive data, like the folks at

Avoid Using Personal Devices

Protecting data also means limiting what your employees can do and access while at the workplace.

Don’t let employees simply plug in their laptops or mobile phones to the company network. This will prevent viruses on a personal laptop from affecting your business’s network.

Follow These Cybersecurity Tips Today

Now you know how to boost your company’s online security. Prevent staff from using personal devices at work, regularly back up data, and enforce better passwords. Work with trained professionals and always train your employees to keep them in the loop. Additionally, implementing adaptive multi-factor authentication can significantly enhance your security strategy. This advanced authentication method dynamically adapts to the context of each login attempt, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access even if they have compromised passwords or other credentials.

But why stop with these cybersecurity tips when we’ve got more for you to check out? Read more of our informative guides for all the technology guides you need!

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