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Is it important to access the original source of an image before you download it? The answer to this question is yes. You should make sure that counterfeited images are not being downloaded. Not accessing the original source to download the desired image means supporting image plagiarism. This is obviously not a positive approach. It is advisable to access the original source so that you can avoid counterfeited images and combat plagiarism of pictures. Image creators face severe problems when the snapshots they create get uploaded on illegitimate websites. Users who access these websites get a poor copy of the image. Along with that, as the image is downloaded from a low standard website, the image creator loses his reputation. The best way to deal with this issue is by avoiding illegitimate image sources. There are some top quality tools that can assist you in determining original images.


Irrespective of the purpose for which a tool has to be used, users prefer it to be online. It becomes a cumbersome process to download tools on multiple machines. If you are using this image search tool, there is no requirement to download anything because it is completely online. To use the tool, you simply have to click the link and start using it.

  • When you open the link of this tool, you would view two alternatives to upload the image. Uploading the image is the first step you need to complete. If you have the image in file format, it can be uploaded directly. If you opt for the second option, you would have to provide the URL of the image. You can advance to the next step after the image uploading process has been completed.
  • After completing the uploading process, you can search for all appearances of the image. This tool would show all the websites on which the image has been uploaded. For instance, if there are three appearances of the image, all three of them would be displayed. When all the online platforms of an image are visible, you can go through them and determine the actual source. The finest quality of an image can be attained if you are accessing the original source.
  • Most users do not check the originality of the image before they download it. They randomly select any website on which the image is present. This is not a good practice. Make sure that you have selected the original image source for downloading purposes. There are numerous disadvantages to downloading counterfeited images. One of them is that the standard of the image would not be up to the mark. The best standard of the image can only be attained if the user accesses the actual source.
  • This tool is completely free and there are no limitations on the frequency of usage. You can use it to perform several searches without worrying about any payments. The usage is 100% free without any restrictions on usage. Secondly, this tool is quick. Most users do not prefer slow tools which require a long time for producing results.

If you talk about reverse image search, it is a necessity these days. On the internet, there are several counterfeited images and users need to avoid them. A quality reverse image search tool helps in finding out all the appearances of an image. If a snapshot has been uploaded on five different websites, all 5 would be shown to you. This tool is a good alternative to determine illegitimate images without spending a lot of time.

  • The overall process of this tool is quite simple. You have to begin by uploading the photo. Here, you can use one of the two alternatives. If you have the image saved, simply click the upload button and complete the uploading process. The second option is providing the image URL. When you are done with the uploading process, the tool would show all the snapshots that match the image. Along with that, the user would be able to see the related images as well.
  • This tool is completely free and users do not have to think about the application of charges. It is dependable and identifies all copied images. If you want to get your hands on quality original images, this is one tool you should consider.

Yandex Image Search

A high percentage of users do not adopt the correct protocol when they are searching for images on the internet. They use an image search engine and download the required snapshot from any link. This is where things start going wrong. You should only download the image from a legitimate link. This would help you in getting top quality images. Other than that, you would not have to go through fake images.

  • Yandex has a large repository of images for all categories. You can find the best snapshots of all types but numerous images are illegitimate as well. Using the Yandex image search option, you can determine the actual image source. In this way, you would be able to download a top standard image from the original online platform.
  • Yandex is a quality platform for getting images for both personal and professional purposes. Through the image search feature, you can get your desired pictures without worrying about legitimacy issues.


There is a major difference between downloading images and getting your hands on original images. A quality reverse image search tool is important if you want to be sure about getting 100% original snapshots. It is important to get your hands on a dependable tool. Most tools are online so no downloads are needed. You can access these tools from multiple devices.

It is not that hard to use a reverse image search tool. You have to go through a few simple steps and all image appearances would be shown. These tools save both time and effort for users. If you are not using a tool, it simply means going through all the results to filter out the original images.

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