Who needs SEO and why do i need search engine optimization for my website

Your site is lost in the maze of the world wide web; Google and Bing and Yahoo! will try to find your site and SEO. It is the way you enable them to do this quickly. By writing better content and code in your pages, you are now helping the internet search engine robots to locate your site. After they class it as good content, they reward it – by ranking it higher within their listings.

All very basic stuff and sounds quite simple.

Who needs SEO and why do i need search engine optimization for my website

However, given that there are 48 trillion websites online, how can the robots understand how to find yours and put it higher up the listings? The solution is based on the calibre of the SEO, the calibre of the website construction, the calibre of the hosting server, the name of the domain, the age of the domain plus some other random facts which are very technical. To understand this, i recommend you to read WHAT ARE SEARCH ENGINES AND HOW EXACTLY DOES A SEARCH ENGINE SPIDER CRAWL MY WEBSITE

Who needs SEO and why do i need search engine optimization for my website
Who needs SEO and why do i need search engine optimization for my website

We’ll cope with the simpler ones here:

  • The calibre of the SEO

With every SEO Company claiming to be able to place your site towards the top of the various search engines (usually over night!), how can you choose? SEO is probably most easy to understand when compared with the building trade: an excellent builder will understand how to dig the foundations, therefore the house will last for centuries and not just before the guarantee runs out. (S)he’ll realize that the calibre of the workmanship will determine the end result. Select a cowboy builder who ignores these basics and your house won’t last and your hard earned money will be wasted.

  • Choose your SEO company cautiously

Consider the results they’ve achieved and ensure that they genuinely have done the job they demonstrate and talk to their customers, if you’re able to, to convince your self that the outcomes you see actually are those of the SEO. company’s doing!

It’s the quality of the SEO. which will determine the following –

  • How much business you receive on your web site.
  • How well your hard earned money is spent.
  • The calibre of the leads you obtain via your site.
  • Just how much time you have to spend coping with inappropriate/ low quality leads.

    The calibre of the website construction

Oh yes – the architecture of the website is equally as essential as the page content and SEO. We’re back again to our builder scenario – quality workmanship means greater results and increased value.

But does quality need to be synonymous with costly? No way! A professionally designed and built web site, packed with the features you need (CMS, CRM, SEO-ready, Analytics and Reporting and so on.) can be completed by a good company for well under £2, 000.

Something we’d always recommend though, is to always get your website built by SEO experts, not only designers. Designers design; developers develop. The SEO is really a development issue and shouldn’t be attempted with a designer. We see a lot of cases where this happens and the effects could be costly for the company owner. Sites must be built around SEO, and not SEO done around the sites!

  • The calibre of the hosting server

Attempt to imagine yourself as the Google bot and you have the whole cyber-world to go to every twenty four hours! How would you like it if you had to hold back before you could browse the code of a web site? Move ahead! Ensure your hosting server is both reliable and fast to react to the bots.

  • Age and name of the domain

Ageing is essential, especially to Google, but don’t allow this to worry you an excessive amount. Many have achieved page one positions on Yahoo and google for completely new domain names within two weeks before. Broadly speaking though, the older the domain the greater the likelihood of higher rankings (however, you still need good SEO too!)

The domain name can also be vitally important. Google, along with other Search engines, browses the entire URL and when keywords are found in the URL, this can further boost the rankings. If you’re trying to write on good morning status ,Then choose  your domain name as like Goodmorning-status because in this domain most searched keyword is used and it is also related to you website.

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