Modern business solutions: Must-have tech tools for a developer

With recent advancements in technology, the requirements of even the simplest of websites and applications have become high. They are becoming increasingly complicated with new features introduced every year. At the same time, the users are expecting the highest of standards. In such a situation, developing jobs have become more intimidating and exhausting than in the past. 

Often tiny details and similar intricacies are left out by even the most experienced developers. However, competitive developers tend to keep up with the dynamic world of technology and its changing trends. Therefore, technological advancements and creative ideas have also eased the job of developers, alongside user applications.

Developers look for tools that increase the efficiency of their applications, as well as their productivity. So, to make your life easier, you should use these seven essential tools, perfect for developing with increased efficiency. You will thank yourself in the future for making this decision. 


The majority of content created on all kinds of applications and websites is text-based. It’s essential to attract people to your developed content, especially for an effective content marketing strategy. Therefore, to keep your content’s standards high, it’s necessary to use word counting tools.

Being aware of the word and character count gives you a more in-depth insight into the content, helping you form your strategies. For example, it’s much easier to place keywords and anchor texts when you know the word count. 

More importantly, you can’t tailor your content according to your application or website’s users without using word count. To gain even more profound knowledge of your developed content, such as cost calculations, you will find this word counter especially helpful. 


After creating source codes in integrated development environments (IDE), it’s fundamental to use a code editor. Unlike IDEs, code editors offer a much simpler environment to work in, allowing you to focus only on editing your code.

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They offer features like syntax highlighting that makes the particular keywords in your code more prominent and noticeable. Syntax highlighting makes it easier for you to read through large blocks of code, which otherwise look quite complicated and intimidating.

Some of the editors also support intelligent code completion, which helps you write code even faster. However, other standard features can include coding functions, such as line and blank operations. Overall, a code editor can improve the standards of your code and help you identify any mistakes. 


A high-quality website or application is not complete without providing users with something they can visualize. Graphics not only help to convey the message effectively but also improve the beauty of your developed content. It’s known that 70% of marketers invest in visual content marketing. They are essential in the technologically advanced modern world.

So, it’s imperative to use graphic designing tools that add more value to your content. They have features like enhancing existing visual content such as imagery to tailor it according to your application or website.

However, you can even create your graphical content, such as illustrations. Moreover, you can even add visual effects to your content, such as a sliding menu. Creating interactive visual content is achievable with the help of graphic designing tools.


As the internet increases in the number of applications and websites, scammers and hackers rise as well. Undoubtedly, they have a lot of opportunities to avail themselves. However, you should protect your developed content at all costs. For this purpose, security testing tools are ideal. Once you’ve developed and edited your code or website, it’s essential to test the security system.

It will alert you of any threats that your code can cause to your content. You can identify the majority of vulnerabilities by running your code through a security tester. It will make sure that your hard work doesn’t get destroyed in the hands of a hacker in a matter of seconds. Besides being practical, security testers are also relatively cheap compared to hiring ethical hackers for the same purpose. They are also fast in their tasks, saving you both time and money. 


Even after careful development and editing, there are still many mistakes. You can’t launch your website or application for use in such a situation, as it will lead to a poor user experience. It’s worth noting that mistakes in a code are often impossible to find out for a human; there are thousands of code lines filled with complicated syntax.

It can take weeks to find a mistake like a tiny misplaced bracket. Therefore, you should take help from an efficient tool explicitly designed to identify mistakes, a debugger. A debugger will save you hours of hard work, identifying bugs in a few seconds.

After finding errors and fixing them, you can test run your code on a debugger to ensure that the code is safe for use. If you want to create a high standard and polished product, using a debugger is essential.


After you’ve launched your website or application for launch, it’s essential to analyze it throughout its life. Several issues can arise in your code, even after launching. However, analytical tools can also help a developer observe the progress of applications and websites.

For example, monitoring the number of users can help you see the development and introduce strategies that increase it further. So, if you want to achieve your goals through your developed content, using analytical tools is essential. 


Developers are often assigned challenging tasks that take a lot of time. Due to the wastage of time and inefficient performance, many developers cannot finish their assignments in time. However, with the help of tools, you can increase your productivity, as well as concentration.

Project management tools get explicitly designed for this purpose. A study has revealed that businesses have 38% more successful projects when an effective project management system gets used. With project management tools, you have a clear-cut goal to achieve, with all your tasks organized. Furthermore, these tools can also help developers to work in teams by managing tasks. 


It’s not always possible to perform all your developing tasks using an IDE; sometimes, you’ll need to do more than that. In such a situation, these essential tools discussed earlier will have your back. Consequently, you’ll notice increased productivity, and most importantly, your developed content will be able to impress users.

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