Make The Most Out Of Your Homemade Cookies By Using Exclusive And Custom-Made Cookie Boxes

Homemade delicious cookies packaged in unique and outstanding cookie box can help sell cookies and keep them fresh.

Homemade cookies are preferred by people because they are pure and have a personal touch to them. They are different brands that sell these as consumers want them. They may be healthier than other cookies as well. If you make homemade cookies and you want people to recognize and buy them then put them in exclusive and unique cookie packaging. This will allow them to remain fresh and also be recognized by potential customers.

The following are some ways that you can increase sales and keep your cookies remaining fresh with the help of cookie boxes.

Draw People Towards The Cookies

The cookie boxes will usually be the first thing that someone will see of your product. If you want to give a good impression of your brand make this stand out and look of high quality. If the packaging looks chic and expensive people will think that the product inside is of good quality as well.

To make the boxes stand out you will need to concentrate on the colors, patterns, graphics, etc. that you use on the packaging. It should connect with the product. Find out who your potential customers are and where the cookies will be placed to be sold. If you know these things you can design the boxes accordingly.

If your cookies are for kids then it is better to choose colors that are bright and cheerful. Cartoon characters look good on the box as well. If the cookies are mostly for adults then the packaging should be sophisticated. It can be simply following the minimalist trend. You can include a single color and have patterns. This will allow the box to be prominent.
The cookies may be placed in a brick and mortar store, bakery, or online shop. If it will be in a physical store you will have to create something strong and eye-catching. The one in the online store will also have to be strong so that it can be shipped safely.

Select The Best Material For The Cookie Box:

The box needs to be strong so that it does not break. If the packaging breaks it does not look good and your brand will be seen in a negative light. You also need to choose the material which will be safe for the cookies. Food products have to keep this point in mind when it comes to packaging.

If you choose to use plastic for instance it should not have any chemicals that can harm food. The better options are cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are all safe and strong as well. The cookies will be safe in a store waiting to be brought and can even be shipped securely.

The materials are preferred by consumers because they are environmentally friendly also. Consumers are drawn towards this packaging as it cares for the environment. It is biodegradable and aims to not harm the Earth.

You can advertise your brand with these boxes and show that you care for people and the environment.

Use Window Boxes:

Cookie boxes with windows are a good way to package your cookies. These allow the product to be seen therefore people can see how tasty the cookies are and want to buy them. Sales may increase if the product looks tasty and forces people to want to buy it.

The window can be the shape of the cookie or a unique one so that it stands out. It should be transparent so that the product can be viewed. You can have a cartoon monster’s belly as the window having eaten the cookies. Graphics that connect with the window allow the boxes to look wonderful and stand out


To make the best packaging you need to provide consumers with honest information about the merchandise. With food products, you will have to state the ingredients used. This is necessary so that people can see if there is anything that they are allergic to. Tell the nutritional information also.

The manufacturing and expiry date have to be given. The quantity and weight also get started. These details help customers decide whether they want the product or not.

If you include a picture of the product on the box do not exaggerate it giving consumers a wrong impression of it.

If there are any promotions and discounts tell them clearly as they encourage customers to want to buy from you. Some businesses have certain features that make people want to buy cookies. This may be that all-natural ingredients are used or the cookies are suitable for a certain diet, etc. These should be provided as well.

Do not include too much text as this makes the cookie boxes wholesale look confusing. Include only what is needed so that it is read. The font must be a good and prominent one as well. Its color should stand out and not mix with the background. You can choose a font according to who your product is for. If it is for kids then childish and fun fonts look better.


It is helpful to include a logo on the packaging. This gives it a professional look. It allows people to know about your business and products. The logo should be one that can be remembered and noticed as well.
Also add your company address, number, email, website, so that customers can easily contact you if needed.
The above are some ways that packaging for cookies if created well can make your homemade cookies stand out. It can allow them to stay fresh and safe from any germs as well. You can increase sales with the help of good packaging. This should be strong and attractive so that people are drawn to it. Only when customers recognize the box will they check out the cookies and consider trying them out

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