How to make money through whatsapp

Do you know that money can be earned through Whatsapp? If  you people don’t know that you can make money by using whatsapp, then you can learn from here How to make money through whatsapp? Let’s know how we can earn money even through Whatsapp.

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How to make money through whatsapp

What we need to do to make money through whatsapp?

To earn money through whatsapp, it is important to have the following things –

  • It’s important to have a good smartphone
  • Lots of whatsapp’s contacts
  • 4-5 whatsapp group with active members
  • Daily need to share media such as images, audio

How to make money through whatsapp

If you want to earn some money through whatsapp then first of all you need to have lots of contacts. If you already have lots of contacts then you should make two or four whatsapp groups. After creating groups, you need to share images, jokes, sawal, paheli, video, audio etc on daily basis that helps to keep your group active. After doing this work when you’re start getting better response from Whatsapp group then you need to contact with such type of website which gives you commission if someone purchase their product through your link.

If comes in contact with such type of website then what you need to do for earning money is simple. You just need to share your affiliate product link with your friends or share it in whatsapp group. Suppose in one group some people loves to hear music then give them affiliate product link of headphones or many other gadgets related to music. This whole process is known as Affiliate marketing. Basically, it is all about promoting products and services of companies / brands etc and earning a cut/commission for each sale you get! In case of most affiliate programs, you will be provided unique urls of various products that you’ll be promoting.

Let us take’s affiliate program for example. Amazon has an awesome affiliate program. It is pretty easy to sign up for their affiliate program. You’ll find the option to sign up as an affiliate on their site. Next, you may choose the products to promote. Upon finding one, gather your unique affiliate url and start promoting it on WhatsApp! You may share the link directly with your contacts, share them on relevant groups etc.

Note – Try to promote stuff that comes with huge discounts! They usually tend to convert well and thus will help you earn commission! Because many peoples loves to buy such things that is available on huge discount.

You have to promote the products of that website to your whatsapp group to get better response. When you send that product links to a lot of groups, then so many people in your group also share those product links with other groups too if thwy love that product. By doing so, a lot of people will know about that product. And as many people who buy that product through you affiliate link then you’ll get the higher commission and the more money you earn.

Which website provide Affiliate marketing services?

There are many website available which provide affiliate marketing services. So, i found some website for you to do your work easy that you don’t need to suffer internet to find those website. Below are the list of such websites through which you can make money by selling their product.

Thanks for reading my post on How to make money through whatsapp. Meanwhile, i also recommend you to read10 BEST SITES TO MAKE MORE THAN 20,000RS PER MONTH FROM HOME Hope you liked my article. If any doubts or question please ask below in the comment section.


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