Is Your Gaming Console Safe? Read This Thoroughly To Understand What Underlies On The Button Of Your Controller

While most of the gamers can tell apart which console is the best in the market and why you should purchase the ‘particular gaming system’ rather than ‘this and that’, we are sure what many of them take a rain check on is knowing how dirty their console is.

As many gamers do not understand the need to clean the console or controller, although they spend hours touching it incessantly, what they don’t comprehend is the degree of danger that lies in not sanitizing their system.

To showcase just how much bacterial growth can be accumulated by not disinfecting the devices, Online Casino Betway conducted experimental research on several sets of randomly chosen consoles and computers, even the kitchen table and toilet seat to analyse the result.

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Believe It Or Not, There Is Mould, Yeast, And Bacteria On Your Gaming Console…

  • PlayStation:

 Even though PlayStation is considered to be one of the top-selling consoles in the industry, it is by far the least clean one. Though the PCs are the one device that shows more bacteria growth, the sample collected from the PlayStation had almost 72.5 colony-forming bacteria units for each swab taken.

The numbers are 2.4 times more than you will generally find on the toilet seat. However, that is not the worst part. The worst part is that the buttons of the console and the joysticks were the most affected ones as the median number of colony-forming units was 190.

The number was quite higher than the equivalent of any other gaming platform. The number even reached as high as 650 units, more than double the number of units you would find on a kitchen surface.

  • Xbox:

Compared to the PlayStation, the Xbox is a cleaner gaming platform as according to research from Betway casino, the tested result showed the median of 62.5 colony-forming units for each swab taken.

Though it is not as clean as one would think, it is more, in fact, double than what is found on a toilet seat. Though the number of colonies forming units on the triggers was lowest across all the platforms, which resulted in only 15 units, the controller, however, showed the highest score, recorded at an exceptional 82.5.

Not only that but the Xbox also revealed some of the dirtiest ever samples, having the worst console tested with 5,614 colony-forming units of infections on the buttons of the controller.

What Types Of Bacteria Can Be Found On Your Device?

With the results of the experiment, it can be said that our gaming consoles are on an average of three times dirtier than a toilet seat. However, that is not all. Here are some of the names of bacteria that are found on your gaming device.

  • Bacillus SPP:

This variation is generally found on matters that are at their decaying stage. Starting from vegetables to water, to machines, this form of the species is widespread. While a variation of the bacteria can be the human skin, nonetheless, they are implicated with infection. Some species generally aren’t pathogenic.

  • Micrococcus SPP:

This variation of bacteria has been reported to be the carrier of the intense disease. Starting from pneumonia to ventricular shunts, from septic arthritis to bacteraemia and peritonitis, endophthalmitis. They are common in the human skin and aren’t considered to be pathogenic.

And lastly, we have mould. Generally seen in the damp area, this fungus can be harmful to some.

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