Install VPN on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Nowadays, many people and companies who are concerned about the security of important data use VPN services. With the help of VPN connections, each user can protect this or that information from unauthorized persons. VPNs are easy to use as they can be set up in minutes. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network that is used by companies to provide secure access to corporate data of remote employees. Thus, an employee of the company, being on a business trip, has the opportunity to connect to the internal systems of the company remotely and gain access to corporate mail, files and printers.

Today, VPN networks are often used by ordinary users to protect personal information and data while connecting to the Internet in public places, for example, in cafes, airports. Also, using a VPN, you can bypass geographic blocking of sites. Purevpn provides instant and unbreakable privacy protection at an affordable cost.

Reasons to use a VPN

VPN can be used for several reasons:

  • To change the IP address when entering the site, access to which has been blocked;
  • When working in an unsecured Wi-Fi network (cafes, airports and other public places) with important information. VPN will help secure personal data (passwords from mails, e-wallets, social networks);
  • If you want to visit sites anonymously.

VPN Benefits

VPN has a number of advantages:

  • Quick setup of VPN access;
  • High level of personal data security;
  • Maintaining the VPN connection even in the event of an Internet connection failure;
  • Encryption of information transmitted in VPN networks, which reduces the likelihood of its interception through public networks;
  • The ability to change the IP address to hide your identity. Popular with gamers and business people who want to protect their data from direct competitors.
  • VPN protects the user’s personal data

VPN setup instructions for iPhone and iPad

A virtual private network (VPN) is your usual guarantee of your device’s security and data privacy when connected to a public network. VPN supports work on any network, including Wi-Fi, works with all servers that support common security and encryption protocols, in a word, without setting up a VPN, an Internet connection may not work.

1) Navigate “Settings > General > VPN” on your phone;

2) Select “Add VPN Configuration”;

3) Choose the L2TP type, since PPTP is cut by operators, and Cisco IPSec is specific to public network equipment;

4) Now you need to enter the connection data, which can be obtained from the administrator, or received automatically, if such is provided:

  • In the “Description” field, enter the name of the network, always with a small letter;
  • The connection server is entered in the “Server” field, i.e. Internet provider;
  • In the field “Account” you write the username given to you;
  • Disable RSA securid;
  • In the field “Password” enter the password for the account;
  • You can keep the “Shared Key” field empty;
  • Turn off the “Proxy” and click the “Save” button.

5) After that, a toggle switch for enabling and disabling VPN will appear in the “Settings.”

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