How To Install Disqus Comment System On Blogger

Are you looking for a third party comment platform for your Blogger blog? Here is a step by step guide to install Disqus commenting platform on Blogger. One of the most worst thing about Blogger blog is its commenting system, The default Blogger commenting system is not well. Though Blogger Team is improving its commenting system, but still there are lake of feature in Blogger default commenting system. The Blogger/Blogspot default commenting system is only thing about which the Blogger users always worry. So below is the tutorial on how to install Disqus Comment System on Blogger.

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Benefit of Using Disqus Comment on Blogger

If you are using Blogger default commenting system on your blog, an some of your Blog readers want to comment on your blog through social networking site, But Blogger default comment don’t allow it. If is must for your blog reader to connect your blog through some social networking site like Facebook, Google+, Twitter in order to make a comment on your blog. What will you do? Will you install many plugins for each social site?

Why not try Disqus comment platform. Disqus is a best solution for all your requirements. Disqus comment platform supports Social site API integration that let users comments on your blog via social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Google, open URL as well as its own Disqus account. Another thing that make Disqus better for Blogger blog is its layout, it looks more beautiful than Blogger default commenting system. So if you want integrate any third party commenting system on your Blogger blog, you must go for Disqus.

How To Integrate Disqus Comment System On Blogger

There is an easy way to install Disqus commet in Blogger. You just need to register a new account on Disqus first and then add a Disqus widget into your blogger blog. That’s it, your blog will start showing Disqus comment form instead of Blogger default. Follow the instructions given below to add Disqus comment platform in Blogger.

Disqus for Blogger

Step 1. Register a Account on Disqus.

This is a very first thing you need to do, if you want to install Disqus comment on your blog. Below is how you can register a Disqus account.

  • Go to Disqus website and Register a new account for your Blog [Link].
  • Now select “Get this on your Site” and fill the registration form and proceed to the next step. Make sure you have verified you identity through email verification.
  • You have successfully create a free account over Disqus.

Step 2. Adding Disqus Comment widget to Blogger

  • A new windows will appear, that ask you to select a Platform. Choose “Blogger” from the list and head to the next step. See the picture below.

    Disqus Platform
    Disqus Platform
  • Now on the page there will be two option, you need to select “Add Blogname to my Blogger site”. See the picture below.

    install disqus on blogger
    install disqus on blogger
  • A new page will be open which allow you to install Disqus Commenting Widget into your Blogger blog. See the picture below.
    install disqus widget to blogger
  • Now from the list select your blog and press “Add Widget” button. It will install Disqus Comment system in your Blog. See the above picture.
  • Cheers! You have successfully installed Disqus Commenting system on your Blogger blog.

Step 3. Importing Comments To Disqus

If your blog is new, just ignore this step. Once you have installed Disqus commenting widget on your blog, Now you may need to import your Old blog comments to Disqus. Here is howto import Blogger comments to Disqus comments.

  • Go to Tools >> Import and proceed to the next step.

    Import Comment disqus
    Import Comment disqus
  • Now select “Import comments from Blogger”, so that if imports all previous comments from your blog. See the picture below.
    import blogger comments to disqus
  • Now it will ask for accessing your Blog’s data. Just give it permission by clicking on “Grant Access” button.
  • Now you can see a new option i.e. “Choose a blog to import from”,  Just  select it and click on “Import” button.
  • That’s it, It will take maximum 24 hours in importing comments from Blogger to Disqus.

Congratulations, You have successfully installed Disqus Comments into your Blogger blog.

This is how you can install Disqus commenting system on your Blogger (Blogspot) blog for better commenting option. Hope you like tutorial on how to add Disqus Comments to Blogger. This is so easy to install Disqus comment on Blogger, however if you face any issue in integrating Disqus Commenting platform on your blog, ask me via comment box below.

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