Importance of the Artix7 line

Artix7 is a branch line in the FPGA sector at the Xilink industry. Precisely, the Artix7 line is meant to come up with circuits and arrays that will help in the conservation of energy by using more efficient circuits. Artix7 devices always ensure that batteries offer the best performance by using reducing the amount of watts consumption in the industry. Consequently, by coming up with programmable circuits and arrays, Xilinx reduces the amount of energy consumption and pollution in several industries as well as making important devices more portable and thus improving their performance levels. Due to the power conservation application, Artix7 has become among the most important trends in industries which are energy as well as environment sensitive like manufacturing and the electrical industry. Uniquely, Artix7 boards can reduce the amount of energy used in devices by half but at the same time, they double the performance of these devices by use of the programmable arrays and circuits. As a result, the lifespan of your device’s battery becomes longer and the device’s performance levels are way better compared to that of other devices that do not use Artix7. Some of the advantages of Artix7 include;

  • Artix7 have programmable system integration.
  • Artix7 help in improving the general performance levels of the entire system.
  • The Artix7 line from Xilink helps in cutting down the BOM cost and thus reducing the general operating cost of any enterprise.
  • Artix7 help by accelerating design processes and procedures by helping in coming up with smaller and portable power supplies.
  • By use of programmable arrays and circuits, Artix7 come in handy in the process of reducing the amount of power consumed in different industries like manufacturing, medical and electrical among others.

Applications of Artix7

Applications of Artix7

The 64 ultrasound

In most cases, ultrasound machines are quite immobile due to their large size and thus making it difficult to reach out to patients in areas without sufficient power supply. Artix7 circuits are very handy in the process of manufacturing small and portable batteries which makes these machines portable and more convenient to carry around.

Multi-Protocol Machine Vision Camera

Multi-Protocol cameras are industrial applications where Artix7 together with other machine vision from the Xilink come up with high quality images from low best power performances even in events of low power supplies and resources. The combination helps in coming up with a scalable high quality camera that cannot be compared with cameras from previous generations.

Battery Powered Software Defined Radio

Artix7 mostly deals with coming up with programmable circuits and arrays. With the efforts of making wireless communications more efficient and excellent, researches and developments on Software Defined Radio are becoming boundless. However, for designers and engineers, meeting the size of these radios and the required power supply is quite a challenge as most of them turn out to be very huge to the large size of batteries. Artix7 comes in handy as it helps by coming up with power systems which are more efficient and ones that can improve the power performance levels and at the same time cut down on the size and on power consumption.
Other applications of Artix7 include; in wireless backhaul and programmable logic controllers among others.

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