[Best Working] How to see hidden friends on facebook 2019

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Mos of the times people want to avoid friend’s spying to their social media profile, So they hide their personal Info on and activities on their social media profile’s. All the Social Media platform’s have their own security feature’s, From these features user’s can limit that who can see his activity’s and who can’t. You can read my another article about How to hide a friend on Facebook. But if you want to spy on someone for some reason’s and he have privacy enable on his Facebook profile, It will be complicated for you to see his friend list. Don’t worry, in this article I’m going to tell you how to see hidden friends on Facebook with my latest 2019 method.

How to see hidden friends on facebook 2018
How to see hidden friends on Facebook 2019

How to see hidden friends on Facebook 2019

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Below I’m providing you top 3 methods to see your target’s hidden friends on Facebook.

1st Method : Find a common friend between you and your target user.

follow below steps

  1. Go to the Facebook profile of your common friend and your target profile.
  2. Create a url as seen below to get the mutual friends between you and the target user.
    https://www.Facebook.com/ Your target username/friends?and=Your mutual friende.g. : https://www.facebook.com/nitinanks/friends?and=01301023010310

    Mark facebook id
    Mark Facebook id






2nd Method : Find a mutual friend between your target user and another fb user.

For this method you will need a minimum of 1 mutual friend and you can see only common friends between your target user and your mutual friend. Follow below steps :-

  1. Open this link https://www.facebook.com/find-friends/browser/?ref=tn
  2. Scroll down and on the right side bar find the mutual friend option.

    Mutual friend option
    Mutual friend option
  3. Now type your target’s name and select the friend profile from the list.

4th method : See all friends of your Target

If you want to see all the friends of your target user and don’t know How to see hidden friends on facebook this is last and best method for you. For this method you will need a Chrome browser on your computer. Follow below steps to see all friends of your target.

Note: This 4th Method may not work for you now, due to recent facebook updates. and Facebook friend mapper extension has changed it’s features also.

  1. Open this Link Removed, Because the Extension has been Suspended by Chrome Webstoreand Install Link Removed, Because the Extension has been Suspended by Chrome Web-store extension on your Chrome browser.
  2. Enable your extension and open your target’s profile on Facebook.
  3. Here you will get a  new tab reveal friends. Click on reveal friend’s and then wait for some time, Because it will be scanning their friend list.
  4. Once the scan is compleated, you will see all the Facebook id’s of your target’s friends in a pop-up window.
  5. Now copy all the id’s one by one and type paste after facebook.com/ on your address bar e.g. facebook.com/40457540270421047 and you will see his hidden friends.

That’s it. Thanks for reading my article about How to see hidden friends on Facebook and feel free to read my another article about Best facebook autoliker or how to create adsense account without a website

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  1. great article…just..when I clicked your link for fb friend mapper it took me to the friend tracker ext..it seems that there is no friend mapper ext anymore..or am I wrong?

  2. Hey, I can’t find that (Reveal Friends) tab… it doesn’t appear to me
    it’s just “Friends”. I did everything right.