How to use bhim app?

In modern era, Bhim app became most popular upi app. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the mobile payment app BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money). Right here, i will teach you How to use bhim app? When bhim app launched, more than 1.1 crore people have downloaded this app. Bhim app is known as easiest way to transfer and receive money. Even am also using this app. There are not too many function in this app that is why it is easy to

How to use bhim app?
How to use bhim app?

Features of Bhim app –

  • You can transfer fund to any bank account.
  • You don’t need to register the payee beforehand.
  • BHIM transfers money immediately.
  • Transfer money anytime, even on holidays or night.
  • You don’t need to know the bank account number of the payee.
  • There is no need of ‘internet banking activated’ to use BHIM app.

How to use Bhim app –

    1. Android users can download the application from Play Store by searching for ‘BHIM’. The app is not available for iOS users yet.
    2. Click on this link to download app.
  1. Install the application and choose your language in which you want to use bhim app. The app will prompt you to verify your phone number using an SMS. Click on Next and wait for the verification process to be completed.
  2. Once the verification is complete, input a four digit passcode.
  3. After a passcode is set, the app will ask you to select your bank. Once the bank is selected, the app automatically picks up your details using your phone number. Select the primary bank account that will be used for all your transactions.
  4. The app displays three options — send, request and scan/pay. Transactions are possible only between verified phone numbers.
  5. To send money to someone, type in their phone number and the amount to be transferred. The app will prompt you to input your MPIN, usually a four or a six digit code that authenticates a mobile transaction.
  6. Likewise, you can request money from someone, using their phone number.
  7. The third option, scan & pay, allows users to transfer money using a QR code, a two dimensional black and white barcode which can be decoded by a smartphone or a tablet. Each phone number is assigned a QR code which can be accessed under profile on the home screen.

Hope you successfully able to use Bhim app. If any problem occurs, please comment below.

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