How to stop breastfeeding ? Complete guide


It’s great to give your newborn baby nothing but only breastmilk for his first six months of his life, After compleating his first six months, you can start giving him breastmilk, as well as different foods. When your baby get more then one year old, He will start getting all the goodness he needs from the food. Now this is the time, when you should decide to stop breastfeeding to your baby, It’s called weaning the baby from your breast. But at this time most of the women don’t know how to stop breastfeeding.

Usually weaning process takes time, particularly when a baby has been breastfeeding for a long period of time.

The following terms can help a mother to understand how to stop breastfeeding, so that she can adjust with her baby for his new feeding routine and manage any of the discomfort and stress that this transition may cause.

How to stop breastfeeding
How to stop breastfeeding

How to stop breastfeeding ? Complete guide given below..

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When should i stop breastfeeding ?

Experts have recommended letting your kid or baby to decide when he wants to stop the breastfeeding. But it is all up to you, whatever to decide that what’s best for your baby and yourself. The American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended that breastfeeding is must for the first 6 months of a baby’s life. Solid food can be given after around 6 of months. After that period of time, breastfeeding may continue for 1 year, or as long as the baby and his mother wants to continue it.

Breastfeeding is more then food for your baby. It gives him the feeling of closeness and comfort with you. It can be emotional experience for you to stop breastfeeding, But the good news will be that stoping breastfeeding doesn’t end the unieque relationship your baby have made with you. and It’s just the beggining of your relationship.

How long will it take to stop breastfeeding?

It can take about a few weeks breastfeeding to stop, Mostly when your baby will start getting boared from it. OR it will take about a month to six months depanding on your situations. It depends about how well and quickly your baby get adjusted. The weaning process may take longer then usual time if you start the process before your baby is ready. It’s better not to stop the breast-feeding abruptly,  as it can make your baby worried and It will not be comfortable for you. It can leave your breasts engorged or maybe a painful breast inflammation (mastitis).

Gradual approach will be great. But if you try to wean quickly however, You still need to follow all the instructions given below this Paragraph, In the next paragraph I will guide you step by step about how to stop breastfeeding carefully so that tha supply of your milk will get reduced slowly as the the demand will drops.

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How to stop breastfeeding ?

Once you get to know that your baby is eating a satisfying range of food’s, you can find that he cuts the breastfeeding down thrugh his choice.If you want to help him in the process, you can follow below steps.

  • First Step: let him finish a full amount of breastfeed, and then offer your baby a small amount of food.  Motivate your baby for some experiments with the textures and flavours. Still your baby will get most of his food from the breastmilk.
  • Second Step: When you will get to know that your baby has started eating well by seeing the changes in his poo, you can start switching the things around. Try to start offering him food before you breastfeed him.
  • Third Step: Start offering your baby some whater in a softspouted beaker’s, instead of the breastfeed’s.

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What to do if my baby doesn’t want to stop breastfeeding?

If the baby is not showing any sign of willing to stop breastfeeding, Just try to be patient. Your baby is enjoying being at your breasts because it nourises him as well as it soothes him. Keep this in your mind and try to help him to adjust him by the following.

  • Try to Make him feel Comfort with other methods
    Slowly replace the breastfeeding with other methods to nurture him. If you have always fed to comfort him, try to sing something for him or start playing a game with him instead.
  • Postponing the feed’s
    Putting the feeds off will work well if you have an older child that you may reason with. When your child asks you to breastfeed him. tell him that you will feed him laterm and distract him with any other activities. Insted of breastfeeding your baby early in the evening you can explain your child that he must wait untill the bedtime.

In the same way, If you have recently gone back to your work, or have moved house from one place to another, your child may be still adjusting to this change. If it is so, this is not the time to make any other change in his life. Try next month again or later.

If you have any other question or query about my article “how to stop breastfeeding” you can feel free to comment below. or you can also read my another article about Life Changing 50 inspirational and motivational quotes

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