How to make your Instagram post go viral in 2022

If you have ever sat there questioning why your post cannot get more likes or comments and your profile cannot get more viewers, we have come with great help. In this article we will be reviewing several efficient methods which will help to boost any of your posts in the shortest period of time and will give your profile a general head start if you’re trying your best in managing a social media page with no experience behind you.

Yes, today this platform is highly saturated with users who are talented content creators and managers all in one, but newcomers are still there and they still need a chance to promote their content. Thanks to modern progress, the social media promotional sphere offers several advantageous paid tools to use (e.g. a chance to buy Instagram likes) and a ton of free ones to combine with those. We’d say that you should start with the free hacks (because those don’t require any investments and risks) and then proceed to including the paid ones into the process as well.

  • Start off with figuring the right time for posting. Specialists from all around the world have different opinions on that (because of the difference that people have in their mentality and traditions), so we would recommend to figure it out yourself. How? Well, you can simply follow the routine of a bigger blogger in your niche and note when they are putting forward posts, how many times per day they are posting stories and how often they create reels and IGTVs. All of that will give you a great insight on how to organize the process in your account, and you will be able to gain way more validation for your posts than before.
  • Post on unpopular days – this one is also about timing. People often take breaks in the middle of the week and on Saturdays, because posting daily is tiring work and we all need some time to ourselves. Use it to make your posts more visible in people’s feed, which becomes emptier and sparer these days.
  • Tag people and brands in posts. Even if you don’t collaborate with them directly, there is still a chance that your post (if it is appealing and nice enough) is going to get reposted by a company, and this way more people are going to be able to see it in their feed. So use that, and if you want to collaborate with other bloggers, you can choose the ones that have a little bit more or the same number of subs as you do and contact them for free PR. It will help you with gaining more people as your viewers and making your publications more visible. You can also contact bigger bloggers and pay them money so that they would repost your publication or story – it also helps tremendously.
  • Ask for likes. Yes, this is a thing – and people don’t become annoyed because of it. Several researches have shown that people are acting positively when they are asked to leave likes under a certain publication. They are into generous support and are always happy to help a content creator with gaining more validation and winning the game with Instagram’s algorithms that are very tricky and hard to overcome these days.
  • Cross post, if you have a developed community on other social media websites. Many people forget that they can ask their subs from other platforms to join the party on Instagram – you can simply repost several publications from Insta and call people for action: you can promise them something special so that they would feel more motivated to come and join you on a new platform.

However, all of those free tools are not quite enough to gain as much attention as you would like. For quicker and more momentary results you should buy real Instagram likes – these are going to take care of your statistics and make sure that your post is going to be seen by tons of people all around the world. The only thing you should take care of is that you need to purchase only real thumbs up from actual people who are using IG daily. They are able to show a positive impact on your statistics, and bots and fakes are not. Sadly enough, there are many scam companies that sell bots’ and dead profiles’ thumbs up instead of quality services, so you should beware and check twice what you’re buying and whom from.

If a website has the info about how they are delivering thumbs up and you can also talk to a manager who gladly talks about all the details you’re wondering about, this is a good sign and you can freely cooperate with this promotional website. But if any of the conditions is not met, it is better for you to look for another resource to take on support. If you do not have time for research, you can use the links that we have given you in this article. Those will do just fine and at the same time will save you time, effort and money. Pay attention to the possibility of using free trials there – this way you will be able to see what quality services this website provides and what you can expect from the paid promo itself.

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