How to install Pip on Windows [ Python Pip installation on Windows Pc ]


PIP is a Package Manager (Package Management System) written in python. It was released in 4 April 2011. Pip is used to install and manage the Softwares coded in python. Pip Can be installed in many Operating Systems like Mac, Linux and Windows. In this Article We are Going to discuss the method to install Pip Windows.


You Should have python installed on your pc if you want to install pip. Without Python Pip installation commands will not work. If you don’t have python installed on your windows computer yet follow the below process.

Download the latest version of python from This link. Run the python installation file > Follow instructions on your screen and you are done. Once you have installed python configure it to run from anywhere. Follow below steps to do that.

Right Click on Desktop icon and click Properties > Click Advanced System Settings > click Environment Variables > Under “System Variables” Click New button and create a Variable named PYTHON_HOME and put the value C:\Python27 (your python installation folder path) and hit ok. Now find the variable called path, Edit it and paste below value at the end of Variable value and hit ok.

Open the image in new tab to See it clearly
Open the image in new tab to See it clearly

install pip on Windows | How to install python Pip on Windows

To install pip on Windows You need to Follow below step by step process and Watch Video at the end of article for more details with subtitles enabled.

  • First Of all Go to C: drive on your Computer and Create a New folder named PIP

    Install Pip on Windows computer
    Install Pip on Windows computer
  • Now Download the file from This link. If you are not able to Download The file directly and Landed to a page with full of codes, Just copy all the code and paste it into your notepad.

    Copy Pip Code and Paste to Notepad
    Copy Pip Code and Paste to Notepad
  • Now Save the file on your the PIP folder you Created on C: drive.

    Save Pip file to C:\PIP
    Save Pip file to C:\PIP
  • Now click on the windows icon on bottom left side of your Screen. Search for cmd, Right click on it and click on run as administrator.

  • Now Run the Following Commands
    cd pip
    1. install pip windows
      install pip windows
  • Now you have successfully installed python Pip on your computer enjoy.

Watch Below Video for more details, Make sure to enable the subtitles for video.

That’s it, if you have any question or query about the process feel free to ask me in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you install pip windows.

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