7 Easy Steps How To Install MultiVersus Mods?

Installing mods in Multiversus is rather simple! Mods live up to your imagination by giving spotless appearances for your favorite characters, also new characters can be added which were missed at the time of the launch.

Everything is possible here. Maybe Batman can wear red undergarments instead of black or replace Superman with Batman. Mods operate seamlessly on the game, though preventive glitches can be overrun.

So buckle up to Gank with your favorite mods.

Ways to install multiverses mods

  1. Go to the GameBanana mod page and download the mod you want.
  2. The mod will typically consist of a zip archive with a PAK file inside. Go to the game’s installation directory and create a new folder named “~mods” in “Multiverses/Content/Paks/“. By default, the folder will read; “~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/MultiVersus/MultiVersus/Content/Paks/~mods/“.
  3. Extract the PAK file to “mods” and it’s done! Now just run the game and verify that the mod is working properly.

Alternatively, a gamer can try this 

1. Open Steam.

MultiVersus is available through Steam as well as the Epic Games Store. Open Steam to view your game library.

2. Navigate To The MultiVersus Installation Folder.

Use the following steps to open the MultiVersus installation folder in Steam:

  • Right-click MultiVersus in your Steam library.
  • Hover over Manage.
  • Click Browse Local Files.
3. Navigate To The "Paks" Folder. 

The “Paks” folder is where you can install mods. Use the following steps to navigate to the Paks folder from the installation folder that Steam opened up in Explorer.

  • Double-click the MultiVersus folder.
  • Double-click the Content folder.
  • Double-click the Paks folder.
4. Create A New Folder Called ~Mods.

 To create a new folder, right-click anywhere in Windows Explorer. Hover over New and click Folder at the top of the folder. Name the new folder “~mods”.

5. Download Mods.

You can find MultiVersus mods at GameBanana or NexusMods.com/multiversus. Go to one of these websites and click on a MultiVersus mod you want to install. Click the option to manual option to download the file. Then click the option to download the file. This will download the file as a “.zip” or “.rar” file.

6. Open The Downloaded File.

Double-click the downloaded to unzip it. By default, your downloaded files can be found in your Downloads folder or web browser to open the file.

  • If you downloaded the file from GameBanana, it will most likely be a WinRAR file. To open this file, you will need to download WinRAR. 
7. Extract The Contents Of The File.

You can extract the contents of the zip or WinRar file to any location on your computer. This should create a new folder with your mod files.

8. Copy And Paste The ".Pak" File To The "~Mods" Folder. 

Locate the “.pak” file inside the folder you just extracted from the zip or rar file. Right-click it and click Copy. Then navigate back to the “~mods” folder you created inside the MultiVersus installation folder. Paste the file inside the “~mods” folder. This will install the mod. When you select the character the mod is applied to in MultiVersus, it should be applied automatically. 

These steps sound pretty quick, don’t they? Well, sometimes, the technology sounds like a mastermind plan but is eventually created by considering the layman handling methods. And, solutions to the problems are designed the way in advance.

In fact, the same can be seen in the solutions to Roblox issues in phones. After all, phones without a charger can die, likewise, tech issues without solutions can’t lead the way.

Anyways, let’s get some more insights about some of the best multiverse Mods!

What are some of the best MultiVersus Mods to use?

How To Install MultiVersus Mods

There are plenty of mods to use in Multiverses. The best ones are chosen by the priority, craze, and relevance of a game by a gamer. Recent best which topped the charts 

  • All Might (over Superman)
  • Ballin Venom (over Lebron)
  • Batman Beyond (over Batman)
  • Evangelion Eva 01 (over Iron Giant)
  • Link (over Wonder Woman)
  • Ganondorf (over Superman)
  • Homelander (over Superman)
  • Optimus Prime (over Iron Giant)
  • Pepsiman (over Superman)
  • Sans (over Steven Universe)
  • Sonic (over Shaggy)
  • Terry Bogard (over Shaggy)
  • Waluigi (over Shaggy)

A toast of Nostalgic:

A long-forgotten brand-affiliated video game from PS1: Pepsiman Here in Multiversus “Pepsiman” wears the boots of Superman. The only way to play as Superman is to delete the mod file and re-launch the game

The following steps would lead to Pepsiman
1. Open Steam > steamapps > common > MultiVersus folder, navigate to the secondary MultiVersus folder, then Content, then Paks.

2. In the Paks folder, you should see around 17 files, and no folders.

Create a new folder called “~mods” (without quotes).

3. Once the Pepsiman PAK you received from GameBanana has finished downloading, unpack the .7z file into the ~mods folder. The file should be one file, called “Pepsiman_P.pak.”

4. As the final step load the game at your convenience. On arrival at the Character Selection menu. You will see Pepsiman in reigned glory, where Superman once stood. Game ON

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is It Safe To Use MultiVersus Mods?
Ans. Yes, So far so good, the journey of Mods is like a deviation from the originality. the only thing to take care of is one must download the mods from reliable sources so that the risk of data threat is kept at a bay. Checking on community reviews before downloading any mods will help one identify the potential risk of downloading a mod

Q2. How Do You Get Modded MultiVersus Skins?
Ans. A gamer can get modded Multiversus skins by visiting the official Mods webpage and installing it on your PC in the Paks folder. Also, a special mention to Twitter user Ryn who is working on a full character build for Cloud-based reskins or remake. Discord Server and the MUGEN Fighting community have also brought their expertise over.

Q3. How Do You Get Modded Characters In MultiVersus?
Ans. As of now, there are several mods available for a game. Which can be downloaded, installed, and can run on the game. Every character in mods is a reskinned version of the actual character. The following steps make it easy-peasy to install a modded character :

  • Once you download the mod, you need to place it into the game files.
  • You can find the MultiVersus files by right-clicking the title in Steam and clicking Manage, then Browse local files.
  • Navigate to the Content folder and then the Paks folder within it. Create a new folder called ‘Mods’ within Paks.
  • Then all you need to do is drag your downloaded mods into the new Mods folder, and you are good to play!

Q4. Do Mods Cost Money?
Ans. Mods are a new strategy to bank on although the games are made absolutely free. To customize a character as per the whimsy wishes of a gamer and have them on a gaming platform intact, a few shillings are worth the spend.   

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