How to Hire Offshore Software Developers in 2022 to Never Regret it

One thing that the pandemic has taught all industries is that businesses can survive and grow even with virtual and offshore teams. Especially when it comes to digital marketing and software development, outsourcing is becoming a new norm for the industries.

According to Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey, about 70% of the organizations outsource some of their tasks to reduce their overall operational cost. Companies that hire offshore developers are able to tap into the best tech talent available worldwide and ensure the scalability of their operations.

And if you are willing to hire an offshore software development team but not sure how to, this post is for you!

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Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers

1.   Cost Reduction

Lack of capital can make it extremely difficult for businesses to hire top talent. However, companies can make up for costs by hiring offshore developers and reducing logistic expenses, such as infrastructure.

Some countries have much lower average wages than the US, which can further reduce the overall employee costs for a company.

2.   Access to Global Talent

Offshore development means you no longer need to be limited to the local area. There is talent all across the world. And if your local area doesn’t have the skillset you need, you can find the right talent beyond geographical boundaries. 

3.   Faster Operations

Instead of spending a lot of time recruiting and training new employees, you can kickstart your operations quickly by getting the work done with the help of freelancers. Offshore developers are likely to deliver projects more quickly than in-house teams because you can choose to hire someone who has already worked on a similar project.

Here’s How you can Hire Offshore Developers!

1.   Curate a Job Description

Just like any in-office job, it is important to create an attractive job description for potential employees. The description should outline the skills of an ideal candidate, details of the project and the company, working hours or timeline, pay, facilities, etc.

The job description should clearly outline that offshore workers are encouraged to apply. If there is any language requirement, it should be highlighted in the description as well.

2.   Choose a Destination

You can find an offshore development team anywhere in the world today. However, you should decide whether you are open to hiring just from anywhere in the world or you want to restrict your options to a few countries only.

Your ideal destination will depend upon factors like time zone differences, work rates, culture differences, language competency, and tech talent requirements.

3.   Use Different Hiring Platforms

Instead of just relying on job boards, you can use LinkedIn or any freelance platform to hire offshore programmers. Remember, offshore programmers might not use your local job boards. This is why it’s important to use the platforms used by your potential employees instead.

You can post the opening on tech talent marketplaces, look for ideal profiles on LinkedIn, or even partner with an offshore software development agency. Once you have found a pool of suitable candidates, you should follow standard evaluation techniques to ensure you are hiring the right individuals.

Conduct interviews, go over their profile, assess their work portfolio, and ask relevant questions. But most importantly, identify if they will be willing to work in a non-traditional setting with foreigners. This is because, despite experience in the field, many people are unable to work at unusual timings or communicate well with foreign employers.

4.   Don’t Settle for Cheapest Quotes

Another key tip on how to hire offshore software developers in an effective manner is that you should never fall for the cheapest rates offered by offshore agencies and freelancers even if all your requirements are being fulfilled. This is because reliable IT vendors work on competitive quotes.

5.   Use a Good Project Management Tool

Once you have hired an offshore team, it’s important to get a project management tool to make collaboration easy. Tools like Slack and Jira can make work extremely easy for members located in different countries.

Final Takeaway

Your company can definitely gain a competitive edge in the market if you hire offshore developers. However, it is important to use the right strategies to hire the right talent in a timely and effective manner.

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