How to get on Google and appear in the top positions

Do you know what are the 9 keys that hold the secret of how to rise on Google and appear in the first positions?

Being able to appear in better places on Google is not an impossible mission. It’s just a matter of working on essential points that will help you achieve your goals.


On the digital marketing website in Sabadell, Market Boom, we present 9 keys that can help you position yourself:

1. Keyword research

The first step to be able to appear in the top positions is Keyword research.

You have to do a keyword study to be able to define which keywords you will position yourself with.

Some make the mistake of using keywords that have nothing to do with them. And in reality, even though these clients have a well-positioned website, their organic traffic is practically zero.

It doesn’t matter if you manage to be among the first places with a ebook Ghostwriting Services if no one will visit you because you are not related to it. That is why the main thing is to do a good study of keywords that generate true organic traffic, and you can use keyword search tools as support to find those keywords that work best for your website.

One piece of advice is to focus on long-tail keywords, it is easier to position yourself with these because they have less competition. Not to mention that you should not forget to add keywords to the “alt” attribute of the images in order to give them relevance in the Google images section.

2. Creating useful content

The content creation strategy to climb positions on Google is one of the most used resources to create traffic for free.

The content must be of value to the user and be optimized according to the keywords you have defined. And it is not necessary for all your content to be in the format of articles because you can create a variety of interesting videos or podcasts. However, it is good to never “over-optimize” your texts, as this could be due to a penalty from Google.

3. Link building

Having good quality links can contribute a lot to your web traffic. But what determines if a link is good or not?

The main aspect that gives value to a link is the level of web traffic that the link profile that points to and receives each of the websites that you consider for link building can generate. Thanks to this, our website will be able to gain authority and have an adequate flow of link juice.

Some of the tactics you can use to obtain links for link building are:

  • Create content such as some press releases.
  • Exchange links with other websites that have the same theme as you.
  • Write “guest post”; That is, a guest article on another website on your topic to make yourself known to other users who may become your potential audience, while at the same time you consolidate relationships with other blogs in your area.
  • Write valuable comments in forums and certain articles, but never resort to spam.
  • All this without forgetting to optimize the anchor text through which we link. The ideal is to have a great diversity of anchor texts to avoid excessive use of a certain keyword in the anchor text.
  • Buying reviews or links on different platforms. You can also apply the tactic of asking for a link directly when you write content that mentions a page, because this way the author adds much more value.
  • Write articles that are really useful so that they achieve “link baiting”, or receive links due to their value.

4. Web structure

One of the keys to SEO positioning is information architecture. But what does this mean?

To improve the user experience, all the content on your website must be quite accessible. Your website must have URLs that are friendly and allow access to other destinations on your website with a maximum of three clicks from the home page.

5. User experience

Optimizing the user experience in the usability of a website directly affects its positioning.

Users who encounter a page that takes a long time to load (the ideal time should be 3 seconds) or where the content is not useful or friendly will leave the site immediately.

6. Indexing to bots

If your website is correctly optimized and the loading speed is good, bots will be able to crawl your page more easily.

To achieve this goal, make sure to correctly index your website and configure the files using the “no index” tag for those pages that we do not want to be crawled frequently.

7. Appear on Google Maps

Appearing in local searches generates many benefits for your business. Therefore, it is vital that you work on local SEO and start attracting more customers to your website.

8. Social Networks

In reality, it has been clarified that Google SEO is not influenced by your relevance on social networks. However, having a lot of traffic on your social networks serves to redirect users to your website. And thanks to this, obtain more relevant visits for search engines.

9. AdWords Advertising

Although organic traffic is essential, if you have a budget you can use AdWords Advertising campaign strategies.

Advertising on Google will help you make your website appear in searches as an ad above organic results with our biography writing service, which can give you an advantage in attracting visitors.

Patience and perseverance

A good SEO positioning strategy requires more than just strategies. Patience and perseverance are part of the work that will make your website reach the best positions on Google.

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