How To Enable Google+ Comments On Blogger

Hello Bloggers, Blogger has just introduced Google+ Commenting system on Blogspot Blogs. And Here is how to enable Google+ Comment on your Blogger blogs. Changing in Blogger default commenting system is one the most awaited Blogger feature we are expecting from a long time. So, the Google+ Comments is a best alternative to Blogger default commenting system now. Many bloggers were waiting for Google+ commenting system since the date, it was rumoured that Google may come up with an alternative to Blogger default commenting system to compete against Facebook.


As we have already discussed on Blogger default commenting system, And I have already shared about many third party commenting system as a alternative to Blogger default comments like Disqus, Intensedebate, Livefyre and more. Now Blogger itself, bring Google+ Comments to Blogger. So it’s always a Good idea to using Google’s alternative while using Google product. Here is the list of benefits, you will enjoy after enable Google+ Comments on your Blogger (Blogspot) blogs.

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Features of Google+ Comments

  • Since, there is no any big difference between the Google+ Comments for Blogger and traditional Blogger comments, but some major changes given below.
  • When leaving a comment on a blog, you have an option to whether share that comment to Google+ or not.
  • If comment is shared on Google+, all replies to the comment on the Google+ stream will show up in blog as a comment replies and vice versa.
  • Google+ posts that link to blog posts will show up as a comment.
  • If a comment is not shared with the blog author, Even the blog author will not be able to see the comment.
  • If you are the author a blog post, you will receive Google+ notifications when readers comment on your blog posts.
  • You can view your blog and Google+ comments, all in one place.
  • It will helps your readers to connect with their Google circles.

Enable Google+ Comments On Blogger

If you have connected your Blogger profile to your Google+ profile, you can now show the Google+ Commenting system on your Blogger blogs by linking your blog and your Google+ profile or page. Don’t worry if you have not upgraded your Blogger profile to Google+, here is how you can do it.

Step 1. Upgrading Blogger Profile To Google+

To enable Google+ commenting system on your Blogger blog, you first need to upgrade your Blogger profile to your Google+ Profile.

Step 2. Enable Google+ Comments

In order to enable Google+ comment system on your Blogger (Blogspot) blog, visit your Blogger dashboard and check the Google+ tab. Follow the instructions below to how to do that.

  • Navigate to Blogger >> Chose Blog >> Google+.
    add google plus comments in blogger
  • Now click on the check box, “Use Google+ comments on this Blog.” See the picture below.
    tick the box
  • That’s it, By checking the “Enable Google+ Comments” checkbox, your blog will be ready with the new Google+ Comments box on blog post pages. See the below picture how, Google+ comments box looks.
    Google plus comment box

Hope this article helped you to show Google+ commenting system in your Blogger blog. Is it a good move for Blogger? Showing Google+ Commenting system for Blogger is best alternative to Blogger default commenting system? Please feel free to share your view on Google+ comments for Blogger by the comment box below.

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