How to earn money from Bluehost India affiliate marketing program

In this article you’ll come to know about “How to earn money from Bluehost India affiliate marketing program” apart from google adsense, Affiliate marketing is the best source in addition to making money from your blog or website. Almost all companies run their affiliate campaign program but in this affiliate program hosting companies provide best commission than others. In most of the cases i heard that many bloggers are not well from google adsense product due to low CPC or any other reason. But my dear friends, there are also many other sources available to earn through your blog or website, one and most common i came to know about that is Affiliate marketing.

In this program, you have to simply refer your visitors to buy this or that product for every purchase you’ll get commission. So, this article only for you, if you’re not earning well. Believe me! You can earn a good profit by promoting the Bluehost India affiliate program from your blog. I am telling you about Bluehost here.

How to earn money from Bluehost India affiliate marketing program

Here i’ll clear all your doubts that is wandering in your mind one by one regrading Bluehost affiliate marketing. Firstly i’ll explain you How To Join Bluehost Affiliate Program? and why you need to choose Bluehost Affiliate Program rather than other?

How To Join Bluehost Affiliate Program ?

To join Bluehost Affiliate Program, you need to go Sign up page. Then click on Join now and afterwards enter all mandatory details such as email, blog or address etc. You will receive an email after the complete signup process and your account will be approved within 24 hour. You can promote after complete approval.

Why Choose Bluehost India Affiliate ?

  • Give every month off coupons.
  • Long cookie duration.
  • Real time tracking.
  • Provide quality banner and links.
  • High commission per sale 4000 Rs per sale.
  • Easily approve everyone for affiliate.

How Do they Track Your Sale ?

Bluehost india provides unique link. If you promote your affiliate link through blog postsocial media or advertising etc. If User click on that link or do sign up process then you’ll receive mail that you have made a sale. You can also see your sales in your dashboard.

All affiliate sales are tracked through your links. Bluehost india provide 30 days cookie duration means after getting click on your link if user sign up within 30 days then you’ll also get commission.

How Much Bluehost India Offer per sale ?

Hostgator or other hosting company depends upon sales means more sale you do more commission you get. Suppose if you made around 3-4 sales in a month then you’ll receive low commission.

But Bluehost india is different from them. It depends upon number of sales and has fixed commission per sale i’e 4000 rs. For example if you made around 100 sales in a month then you’ll get 40,000 rs for a month. Moreover, if you made maximum number of sale then you mail to the manager and increase your commission of per sale.

How To Withdraw Bluehost Affiliate Earning ?

You can transfer your affiliate earning direct to your bank account. If you’ve not fill the details of your bank account, then complete it in my profile tab. Minimum payout 10,000 rs means you’ve to made more than 3 sales to get your affiliate earning.

After crossing your Minimum Payout threshold, your affiliate earning are automatically transferred to your bank account.


After your bluehost india affiliate account gets approved then you can easily login into your account. After log in you’ll find dashboard, from there you can get details such as manage earnings, affiliate link, banner or profile etc.

1.% commission

In this menu option, you’ll get complete details of sales from your affiliate such as sale’s commission, which hosting is purchased, the time and the status of the sale which is done.

  Banners and Links

Banners and links are important menu of your dashboard. By going to this menu, you can create your own blog’s banner ads. If you are running different – different campaigns, then you can easily track them by creating a campaign from there to track them.


In this section you can see the summary of your account. Below are the details which is available in this section –

  • Quick Status
  • Trends Report
  • % Commission
  • URL click
  • Your payouts
  • Sub affiliate reports etc.

My Profile

In my Profile section, you can update your personal and payment details. Moreover, you can also manage your email from which you are receiving or wants to receive information regrading affiliate sales or many more from bluehost.


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