How To Decrease Bounce Rate In Your Website

  • Are you running your business website?
  • Do you think that your website has not performed according to its potential?

Look for the bounce rate. It might be that the bounce rate of your website is high, and as a result, people visit and leave your website without spending time. Are you feeling helpless at this point?

It is justifiable that you designed a website as per your need, but it did not serve your purpose. 

Don’t worry. The good news is that there are ways through which you decrease your bounce rates. Let us discuss it here.

Decreasing The Bounce Rate In Your Website 

It is found through experience that a bounce rate of 70% to 80% is considered a good bounce rate. But if it increases, you have red signals. So you have to start working on the bounce rates. 

There are certain ways through which you decrease the bounce rate of your website. Let us discuss them. 

1. Try To Understand The Reasons Behind Leaving The Website 

A good and effective website is one place where people will visit, maneuver around the different pages and go home with a lot of important knowledge about your product or services. 

But what might be the reason people are running out of your website as soon as they enter? Is there something bad with the aesthetics of your website layout? 

It might be that there is something terrible with the website interface. Of course, the reason for leaving just after entry could be anything. 

You need to find it yourself. If you cannot do it all along, you can take the help of some expert.

2. Optimizing The Loading Page

Page load time is one of the core things you need to consider. According to a survey, around 47% of the users opined that a page loading speed of 1 to 2 seconds is considered good. 

So if your page loading time is more than this, it’s high time you work on it. So let’s take another piece of data. A delay of around 500 milliseconds in page loading can result in peak frustration among 26% of people. 

Not only this, 8% of users feel completely disengaged. Therefore you need to work on the page loading speed. 

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3. Make Sure That Your Website Is Responsive

Non- Responsive websites are again one of the factors in increasing bounce rates. 

Now, what is a poor responsive page?

If the readers are unable to seek the pieces of information on your website, they will be compelled to quickly leave your website. 

Let us give you another example of poor responsiveness. If the customer gets all the information too quickly, they will leave your website fast. 

This is the predicament for you. A responsive website will strike a balance between the two and make sure that the audience spends time with your website. You need to persistently work to make your website responsive. 

4. Quality Content

Content is the kind in digital marketing. A good website with bad content is of no use. On the other hand, if your website thoroughly fails to deliver good content, people will not like it. 

So what can be good content?

When potential customers visit your website, they must clearly understand who you are and what you intend to offer. 

They will also look at the blogs and articles that you post on your website. The audience will quickly leave your website without further ado if they are not good enough. 

Therefore you need to focus on good quality content. It’s better that you hire some content exporters to deck your website. This can successfully decrease your website’s bounce rate. 

5. Credibility

Links and good backlinks are one of the ways to effectively tackle increasing bounce rates. 

When you are busy optimizing your website, you need to ensure that your web pages have high-quality backlinks. 

With some high-quality backlinks, your audience can spend more time on the website. 

Therefore, work on your seo and link building to increase the quality of your website. With increased trust, you can decrease bounce rates. 

Wrapping It Up

Other than the one discussed, you need to focus quite a lot on the product pages. 

Ensure that visitors don’t return disappointed with a lack of clarity with information, the key ones like product prices. 

You also need to rethink the designs and weight of your website. 

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