How I Got 890,000 YouTube Subscribers (And You Can Too)

How did I buy over 890,000 subscribers without pocket money on ads? Plus I’m not famous, I’m not funny and I’m not a male model. I use a formula and it works well to urge more YouTube subscribers for any industry and any account.

Even my clients at my advertising agency are using it and it’s working wonders for them. such a lot so most of them have over 100,000 subscribers now.

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How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

There’s an easy formula that I’m going into this text to getting more YouTube subscribers (which you’ll read below.

  • Hook people together with your intr
  • Ask them to subscribe
  • Create videos that are around 10 minutes long
  • Ask people to go away comments (this is how you go viral)
  • Respond to every comment with a solution and question
  • Leverage YouTube shorts
  • Run contests
  • Do keyword research and use keywords within your title
  • Optimize your thumbnails for click-through
  • Promote your video hard within the first 24 hours through email/push notifications
  • Don’t forget to upload the transcription

If you would like to find out the formula in-depth just keep reading below and that I will re-evaluate what I just covered above. Or if you would like the short version you’ll also watch the video below.

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Give Your Channel a topic to realize YouTube Subscribers

Before you are doing anything, you would like to offer your channel a topic. If you check out many of the highest YouTube channels, you’ll notice that a lot of them stick with a topic.

Notice how tons of the YouTube videos he creates are on topics associated with business and success. Having a topic makes it easier to make consistent YouTube content.

On top of that, you’ll make your channel the ‘go-to’ place for specific content. this is often the goal of a social media platform. If your channel caters to a selected niche, then people that care deeply about that niche will want to become subscribers.

For example, imagine your videos are all about Facebook marketing, and you aim to assist business owners. If a business owner who wants to find out more about Facebook marketing subscribes to your YouTube channel, they’ll get an update any time you post content.

This helps them stay before the curve without having to try to do tons of labor.

If you’re struggling to return up with a topic for your channel, believe the issues your business solves and who it solves those problems for.
Then, produce videos supported by the topics you recognize that will help the people your business serves.

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