How CC TV camera can boost employee’s Productivity

Nowadays surveillance is becoming pervasive in the workplace. As per a report done by American Management Association Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Survey, it is found that almost 45 percent of the employers install surveillance like CCTV cameras in their office so that they can track the activities of their employees. One of the biggest reasons for losing revenue in business is the inappropriate use of time by their employees. All employees working in an office do not care about their job and they do not concentrate on their task which they need to complete in a particular deadline that ultimately results in dissatisfaction of their client. You will also get a body camera in the market and if you make it compulsory for your employee to wear the body camera then the employer can check every activity of their employees. But such types of surveillance will be very strict for an employee and that is the reason why all employers do not apply such rules in their office and they remain stick to the CC TV camera surveillance.           

How installing surveillance can enhance the productivity of the employees?

Installation of surveillance like CCTV can greatly influence productivity of the employees and the following are some ways by which it can increase productivity:

  • Efficient time management: Many employees spend their time on non-work-related things such as browsing the Internet for using Facebook or for doing online shopping. But when a surveillance system such as the CC-TV camera is installed in the office employees will not be able to spend their leisure time doing unnecessary things since they know that their activity will be tracked. When the employee does not have the option of spending their time browsing leisurely sites they will have no other choice but to do their own task. This will ultimately enable them to complete their work on time and hence their productivity will increase automatically.
  • Better Employee Performance: While the employer installs asurveillance system like a CCTV camera and lets their employees know about it the employees will certainly perform their duties very well. When the employees know that their behavior and performance will be constantly monitored they will not dare to any kind of misbehavior in the office. Moreover, they will try to perform better since they know that if they work well they will get a good appraisal. That is the reason why they will avoid any kind of unpleasant confrontations. When the performance of the employee will be better, it is obvious that their productivity will be increased. 
  • Better customer experience: When a CCTV camera will be installed in the company the asset and equipment of the company will also be monitored. One of the biggest problems of the company is internal theft which causes a huge loss for the company. But by installing a CCTV camera the employer can monitor their asset 24×7 and with that, the chances of theft get minimized. Due to this, the employees can get access to their necessities whenever required and thus they can perform better and their productivity increased automatically.

It is not only the surveillance system that will encourage them to work properly, but the employer also needs to provide them the basic necessities which enable them to work without any difficulties. In an office, one basic necessity is a comfortable chair and a monitor standing desk so that the employees can work for long hours. If your monitor desk is uncomfortable you will feel huge discomforts and will not be able to work properly or for long hours.

Uncomfortable monitor desk will also put a huge strain on your eyes Apart from getting stain on the eyes you will also face certain issues on your neck, back, shoulder, knees, elbows, and wrists due to which it may cause huge health problems. When the employees will have more health issues they will take leave and that will ultimately decrease the productivity of the company.

Hence having the right and comfortable monitor desk is also very essential for any company as it will increase the productivity of their employees. When productivity will increase the company will automatically grow leaps and bound.

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