Hints to Fix Chrome Crashing Successfully

Millions of people worldwide use Chrome browser on their Mac devices because it’s a simple, useful, and good browser to surf the Internet for any needs. But over time, you may experience that Chrome started to quit unexpectedly, causing unpleasant moments and forcing you to launch it again and again. Needless to say, it’s a very uncomfortable issue that should be fixed as soon as possible. In our short guide, we will provide you with effective hints on solving the Chrome crashing problem on your Mac successfully and fast.

1.  Close Any Other Applications, Tabs, or Extensions

Your Mac can be running out of memory due to a big number of running applications, software, or extensions. In this case, try to do the next things:

  • Close all tabs you don’t use in the current moment
  • Close any other programs of applications running on the Mac right now
  • Pause all the downloads on the computer
  • Delete all unused extensions from the Chrome

After this, please, reload the browser.

2.  Quit the Browser and then Reopen It

If the problem with crashing keeps bothering you, just try to close Chrome, and reopen the browser again. Or, in many cases, you load again the page that you tried to open before. It may help to solve the crashing problem and continue your work without problems.

3.  Restart the Mac

Sometimes, you have to restart the Mac to fix the issue because if you haven’t restarted the computer for a long time, some problems like crashing and many others can occur. After you have restarted the Mac, try to load the needed page on the browser again.

4.  Check Your Computer for Malware

In many cases, crashing can be caused by computer viruses on your device. It’s an unpleasant problem, but you can solve it using reliable antivirus software to scan your Mac for viruses and remove suspicious files. As a plus, your device will be free from unused and unnecessary files, apps, and other documents because the software will also be helpful in cleaning up the space.

5.  Open the Page in Any Other Browser

If some page keeps crashing in Chrome, you should try to open the needed page in any other browser, for example, try to use Firefox. If you see that it works normally there, it means the issue isn’t in the browser but it can be just in the Chrome profile. In this case, try to uninstall your browser from the device and then install it again. But if the needed page cannot be loaded in any other browser, it means the thing is not in Chrome, but there can be some issues with the Internet connection.

6.  Check the Internet Connection

A problem with the network or website can cause Chrome’s crashing, so if you cannot load any page, check out the Internet connection. Try to restart the router and modem, and if it still does not work, then you should try to contact the owner of the site and report weird issues with loading their website.

7.  Check if Chrome Is Running

Sometimes, you may get a crashing problem with Chrome, but when you try to launch it again, it won’t start at all. It means the app can still be working in the background. If it happens, you have to force quit the browser and only then restart it again.

As you can see, any problem with Chrome can be solved, so just stay calm and do not panic if something goes wrong. Even if all the hints above couldn’t help, you can always bring your device to the service center and ask professionals to fix the problems.

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