How to get verified badge on youtube ( Complete Guide )

Ever since google released their google plus social media site. They created a feature where users can get a verification badge in order to prevent confusion between spam accounts and real accounts. Since then a lot of Youtuber’s have been wondering how they can get verified badge on YouTube channel. So in this article i’m gonna show you guys what you need to do in order to get this YouTube verification badge.
Among the YouTube and google support page where they answer lots of frequently asked questions. To get into the details about how to get a verification badge, there is a eligibility criteria listed right below.

That says

Whenever your channel gets more then 100k subscribers, you are eligible to request a YouTube verification badge. They also say that  they keeps changing their  process over time, so you may see many channels out there with a verification badge on YouTube.

Eligibility criteria to get verified badge on youtube

Now according to YouTube, that’s all it takes to get the badge. However if you look around on YouTube, there is a bunch of channels with far less subscribers that have the verification badge. So I want to go into a little bit of detail about why and how they got these verification badges without getting a 100000 subscribers.

What happen was, a few years ago, when YouTube came out with a verification badge, they gave the third party networks access to grant their partners with the verification badge. Essentially what you could do was email your network manager and ask to get verified on YouTube. Once everything was sorted out, you are actually granted the YouTube verification badge. Now again since then YouTube fixed that and only had channels above 100000 subscribers to actually get the verification badge.

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Step’s to get verified badge on YouTube

Even if Google has mentioned on their support page, that once you get 100000 subscriber’s then you are eligible to request a verified badge. That does not mean that you will get a verified badge for your channel intently, Google can still reject your request for verified badge. Now in order to get your request approved you need to follow some guidelines first. Below I’m going to provide you with step by step instructions about how to submit a verification request and how to get approved.

Step 1 : Reach 100000 Subscribers

Your First Step in order to get verified badge on YouTube is, to reach the 100000 subscribers.There is no shortcut to get verification badge for your channel now. You have to work hard and reach this amount organically. Make sure that you must not have any kind of strikes on your YouTube channel previously.

Step 2 : Connect to Google+

Now You need to create a google plus page for your YouTube channel and connected your YouTube channel with that page. Make sure that your Google plus and YouTube channel name and Icon should be the same.

Step 3 : Increase Your Brand Appearance.

Now once you have reached 100000 subscribers on your channel and connected it to your google plus page. You need to Increase your Brand Appearance by creating some social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter profile for Brand Appearance. Again make sure that the name and Icon of all your social channels should be the same as your YouTube channel name. Social Media profiles increases your Brand trust, and give google a signal that your brand is unique and professional.

Step 4 : Request a verified badge for your YouTube channel

Once you have Followed all above steps and don’t have any kind of strike on your channel, You are all set to request a Verification badge. Follow Below steps to request a Verification Badge for your channel.

  1. First of all go to your YouTube channel’s Video manager.
  2. Now Scroll Down, and click on Help and Feedback Button on the bottom left side of your screen.
    Request a verified Badge
  3. Now Click on “Need More Help?” Button.
    Need more help
  4. Now You Will Get a option called Get Creator Support. This Option will only Be visible to you if you have more then 100000 subscribers on your channel. Else you will not see any such option there.
    Get Creator Support
  5. Now Click Monetization & AdSense button and then Finally click Email Support button.
    Email support for youtube
  6. Now Fill all the required information, including your Name, Email address, Channel url, and Write out to google that you have reached more then 100k Subscribers and want get verified badge on youtube.
    Verification Badge request for Youtube
  7. Now Within few day’s you will get a mail from YouTube that if your YouTube channel verification request is excepted or rejected.

I hope this article answered any questions you guys had about getting a verified badge on YouTube. but if you want to ask more questions regarding this, you can comment down below.

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